Upcoming Gaming Monitors

An overview of all announced high refresh rate gaming monitors. The monitors are sorted according to
their approximate releases, so from the most recent one first.

Manufacturer Product Release Ratio Panel Size Resolution Refresh Sync Motion Blur
AsusROG Swift PG35VQ1. Quarter 201821:9IPS35"3440x1440200 HzG-SyncAsus ELMB
AsusROG Swift PG27UQ1. Quarter 201816:9IPS27"3840x2160144 HzG-Sync HDRULMB
AOCG2790PX1. Quarter 201816:9TN27"1920x1080144 HzFreesync-
BenQZowie XL27401. Quarter 201816:9TN27"1920x1080240 HzFreesyncBENQ DyAc
Philips328m6fjmb1. Quarter 201816:9VA31.5"2560x1440144 HzFreesync-
AsusPG27VQR1. Quarter 201816:9TN27"2560x1440165 HzG-SyncULMB
AcerPredator X271. Quarter 201816:9IPS27"3840x2160144 HzG-Sync HDRULMB
AcerPredator X351. Quarter 201821:9IPS35"3440x1440200 HzG-Sync HDR-
AOCAgon AG273UG1. Quarter 201816:9IPS27"3840x2160144 HzG-Sync HDRULMB
AOCAgon AG353UCG1. Quarter 201821:9IPS35"3440x1440200 HzG-Sync HDR-
AOCAGON AG273QCX 1. Quarter 201816:9TN27"2560x1440144 HzFreesync 2-
AOCAGON AG273QCG1. Quarter 201816:9TN27"2560x1440165 HzG-Sync HDR-
LG27GK750F1. Quarter 201816:9TN27"1920x1080240 HzFreesync-
AcerPredator Z321QU1. Quarter 201816:9IPS32"2560x1440144 HzFreesync-
MSIOptix MPG27CQ2. Quarter 201816:9VA27"2560x1440144 HzFreesync-
ViewsonicXG2560 2. Quarter 201816:9TN24.5"1920x1080240 HzG-SyncULMB