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How to test my monitor?


Note: This page is under progress.

As far as possible I will create a video guide, which will help you to find out:

  1. how you can test if your monitor runs flawlessly as it should do within a specific monitor model series (death or stuck pixels, homogeneity, IPS/VA glow, backlight bleed, clouding, pixel inversion, scanlines, artifacts, color banding...)

  2. and if you should keep or return/exchange your unit ("Afterbuy")

  3. as well as answer the question why it's very hard to evaluate the IPS Glow through a camera and through different monitors


Blurbusters (Everything better than 60 Hz)

For high quality & in-depth high refresh rate monitor news and tests, I highly recommend you to visit Blur Busters*. For some specific monitor tests, you should visit the Ufo-Test* website from Blurbusters, which is a fantastic developed and to a standard established online test tool for monitors and displays. Here you can test and evaluate your monitor regarding its response time, smearing, stutters & tearing, ghosting, crosstalk for ULMB or equal backlight strobing features, inversion artifacts, frame skipping, and aliasing visibility. 
Mark Rejhon of Blur Busters, who has invented the motion blur photography technique, gives me as a reviewer the opportunity to capture perfect photos for my gaming monitor reviews with his pursuit camera technique. This is how it works and this shows how to use it. With this awesome tool, you are able to evaluate a specific panel type or even a particular monitor model regarding different test photos.
*Blur Busterswww.blurbusters.com

Other Tools

The current easiest way to test your monitor regarding IPS/VA glow, homogeneity etc. is the Eizo monitor test tool.

Forum Help

Stay tuned and visit the Lim's Cave Forum if you need help and advice.