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Top 3 best 144Hz monitors


Here I want to give you a ranking overview of tested monitors on Lim's Cave. If you want to find out which high refresh rate monitors currently exist on the market, you should check out the high refresh rate gaming monitor list.


WQHD IPS G-Sync (+144Hz)

Rank 1: Acer XB271HU Check Price / Review and the Viewsonic XG2703-GS Check Price / Review

Rank 2: AOC AG271QG Check Price / Review

Rank 3: Asus PG279Q Check Price / Review


WQHD TN G-Sync (+144Hz)

Rank 1: Asus PG278QR Check Price / Review

Rank 2: Dell S2716DG Check Price / Review

Rank 3: Acer XB271HUA Check Price / Review

Note: Here it is pretty hard to set a ranking because the Asus and the Acer bot have a very matte anti-glare coating whereas the Dell has huge color banding issues. For more in-depth details, watch or read the review.


WQHD VA G-Sync (+144Hz)

No reviews yet. As soon as the LG will release, it will be tested on Lim's Cave.


WQHD VA Freesync (+144Hz)

Rank 1: Samsung CHG70 Check Price / Review



FULL HD TN Freesync (+144Hz)

Ranking overview within the forum

Rank1: Viewsonic XG2401 Check Price / Review and the LG 24GM79G Check Price / Review

Note: The Viewsonic overall has a little bit better image quality (a bit more intense colors) however, it's pretty hard to see the difference when not comparing directly 1:1. The LG otherwise offers a backlight scanning feature which the Viewsonic doesn't have.

Rank 2: Acer XF240H Check Price / Review (finished but not uploaded yet) and the Iiyama G-Master GB2488HSU-B Check Price / Review

Rank 3: Samsung S25HG50 Check Price / Review

Rank 4: Asus MG248Q Check Price / Review


Full HD TN G-Sync (+144Hz)

No reviews yet.


Full HD VA Freesync (+144Hz)

Rank 1: Samsung CFG70 / CFG73 Check Price / Review

Note: The Samsung is currently the only one tested Full HD VA monitor because competition currently has some bigger issues (especially in clouding). Overall the Samsung is a very good(!) monitor. However, if you buy the Samsung, unfortunately, you will join the purple artifact lottery. Pros & Cons you can read the review. TN or VA? It depends on your preferences. A better response time without glow (TN) or worse response time with smearing and glow (VA).


Ultrawide WQHD Area

Ultrawide WQHD G-Sync (+100Hz)

Rank 1: Asus PG348Q Check Price / Review

Rank 2: HP Omen X35 Check Price / Review

Note: Both monitors have its own pros & cons - Personally, I would choose the Asus. I hope that I will soon receive the new Alienware Ultrawide.


Ultrawide WQHD Freesync (+100Hz)

Not yet tested


Ultrawide Full HD Area


Ultrawide Full HD G-Sync

No reviews yet.


Ultrawide Full HD Freesync

No reviews yet.


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