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Displate (www.Displate.com)

Displate is the first partnership on Lim's Cave and it's something which I am really proud of. Before I had the partnership I already was a customer of Displate, but, who or what is Displate? It's a company from Poland which prints different genres, created by various artists on high-quality posters made out of metal. The Displates are simply attached to the wall within 30 seconds using the included magnet. With each purchase you also:

  • Actively support artists selling their work of arts on Displate
  • Plant 10 trees for each Displate you buy


Lim's Cave Displate Partnership Trailer

Here's the Trailer I've made for Displates which is built into my YouTube Reviews:

...But how?

So I wrote a message inquiry to Displate because I think Displate is a company which fits perfectly to Lim's Cave. Ac I became the answer, they've watched my content and are interested in a partnership, first, I couldn't believe. This gives me the opportunity to provide a better atmosphere within my reviews and other videos on YouTube. As you probably know, I'm trying to convey a game, series, or movie theme within one video review for a specific atmosphere. So Displate will improve the quality of the atmosphere and the whole project within Lim's Cave. 


Lim's Cave Partner Discount

You have found the way to Lim's Cave and to this page and I want to say thank you with my discount code "CAVE20" you get 20% off on every Displate. If you're interested in these printed metal posters for games, movies, series, and other arts from different artists across the world, visit www.Displate.com and upgrade your gaming room, home cinema, or just your atmosphere :)


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