Samsung C27FG73 - did I get a good piece?

First I'd like to apologize for the quality of the imagery here. I had to take the pictures with my phone because I left a charger for my camera in a hotel and they haven't responded to my calls.

Uniformity & VA glow

100% black, full brightness and full contrast
(It doesn't look this bad with a naked eye)

With a naked eye, it looks closer to what a camera can capture during daylight. Still, it is slightly visible in darker scenes in games.

Pixel response and blur

144Hz, low brightness

144Hz, high brightness

144Hz, strobing backlightL: faster

144Hz, strobing backlightL: fastest

Re: Samsung C27FG73 - did I get a good piece?

Hey mate,

it is extremely hard to tell if you get a good unit. This is because of the camera (sensor size) and the camera settings + brightness setting in cd/m2. The brightness / black uniformity looks pretty average I would say. The UFO Test should be nearly the same as other panels. You should mostly check the black uniformity (can you deal with the amount the clouding you have?) and the brightness uniformity (or grey uniformity)

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