[Purchase Advice]Ultrawide 1440p or 27 Inch 1440

I want to start by thanking Lim for the great Youtube channel. I can definitely see your dedication and effort going into the content. Hope you get more subscribers and support from manufacturers.

My build so far is https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/vcCVBb

I am not in a hurry, and am saving up for this build and will buy when prices come to reasonable for me to pick them up. All i know i want to focus on 1440p for games like witcher 3, etc.
I am in Australia, so we get shafted in terms of taxes and less demand.

I wanted some purchase advice on getting a monitor that will last me few years even if I upgrade by PC.

Dell has a sale going on and I can get the AW3418DW at 1679 AUD( 1200ish USD) and the x34 went on a sale which I missed for 999AUD. However the Dell 27inch is coming to less than half the price of the AW34.

I have always gamed on an old Laptop, and finally saving to build a PC. I would like some advice on starting to game on an Ultrawide 1440p vs a 27 inch 1440p.

Thanks for any advice!

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