End all be all monitor for me! Semi competitive 1440p 144hz+ plz

Ok so here is the deal, i've used anywhere from an IPS 1440p 165hz monitor to currently the new Alienware ultra wide with 120hz overclock to a 240hz 1080p monitor. I can not decide what to stick with and I want to find one monitor that can do everything I want. The ultrawide is absolutely amazing but I stream on twitch/Mixer and it sucks streaming with an ultra wide so it has to go which leaves me currently with my Alienware 240hz freesync monitor (I have a GTX 1080ti) and I do like that monitor but 1080p is a little meh. I'm going to sell the 34" ultrawide but I want a monitor that has very fast response time like 1ms as I do play a lot of competitive games but I also play WoW and other games that I would love nice graphics with so i'm thinking 1440p but still with a high refresh rate. So I guess a TN panel thats 1440p with decent colors, fast response time and high refresh... I'm not sure if I need Gsync? I can't tell a ton of difference in my gsync vs my 1080 without so please please please someone tell me what monitor would fit all these needs for me so I can get one monitor and be done with it lol. I stream a lot and I can't stand the black bars on top and bottom of my screen from the ultra wide and the fact that some of the games I play don't have the 21x9 ratio (Realm Royale).

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