The final decision

I was seeing a lot of opinions about all the monitors I considered good and reduced the listed for only 2 monitors. Viewsonic XG2401 Vs LG 24GM79-B.

I've seen your opinion(lims) that xg2401 is a little better. In my country xg2401 is cheaper than lg for about 25euros, but that's not the most important thing.

Btw I got gtx 1060 6gb gddr5.

Thank you

[Edit] I want the monitor to play csgo and rainbow six siege

Re: The final decision

If backlight strobing is needed, then the LG (keep in mind it causes ghosting/crosstalk) otherwise pick the Viewsonic (when using strobing you cannot use freesync anymore, you loos a bit of the max brightness and a bit less intense colors) test screens of course as always within the review. Some people have issues with black crush on the LG. For now we figured out that black crush issues within the LG also can vary (the amount of black crush / details in darker areas)

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