Samsung C24FG73 vs Viewsonic XG2401 vs Asus VX24AH

My old Acer TN 24" 120hz monitor is dead since few days and I have to replace it, my budget is 250€.

First of all, I use my monitor for various games (csgo, rainbow 6, the witcher 3, world of warcraft, survival games like subnautica and many others ...) and I have a GTX 1070.
I hesitate between stay with a 1080p 144h panel or a 1440p 60hz panel, according to many reviews or feed I read I hesitate between these 3 panels :

- Samsung C24FG73 : VA, 1080p, 144HZ, many people says this is a great monitor but many ohers say there is ghosting issues, bad reviews about samsung support and cost more than the TN in my country (270€), see many people in my country who are not satisfied and return the monitor (cost more money).

- Viewsonic : TN, 1080p, 144HZ, poor colour quality compared to the samsung but I read many good reviews, I think this is the safest choice, cost less (220€).

- Asus VX24AH, IPS , 1440p, 60HZ : More pixels, many good reviews, IPS panel , more imput lag and only 60hz, cost more (280€).

I also see the Asus VG248QE and the BenQ XL2411. What do you think about that ?

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