27 inch Samsung CFG70 bright band on all four edges

I recently bought the 27 inch Samsung CFG70 and overall it’s a great monitor. The contrast is amazing compared to my old IPS monitor. There doesn’t seem to be any purple ghosting. And 144 Hz is a treat.

However one annoying thing is that on certain evenly coloured backgrounds there is a bright border on all four edges of the monitor. I took a photo of the monitor with a 5% grey test picture and it looks obvious here:


I don’t face this problem on a completely black screen.

The monitor also seems to suffer from extremely narrow vertical viewing angles (as seen in the pic where the centre alone is black). So if my eye level is at the top of the screen then the bottom half has less contrast than the top half. However the overall contrast is still much better than my old IPS so this isn’t a huge issue.

Right now the bright edges are the most annoying issue. Considering that the monitor is generally free of other issues, should I try for a replacement?

Here are some additional test pictures.

50% grey: https://i.imgur.com/2q4JrMs.jpg
Black: https://i.imgur.com/Pw9M7zz.jpg (although this doesn’t look great it’s not a huge issue in a brightly lit room)

Re: 27 inch Samsung CFG70 bright band on all four edges

Hey mate. First of all, all units will vary in terms of nearly ALL aspects (brightness, responsiveness, uniformity etc. etc. etc...

The bright border around the edges is a well known "issue" on the Samsung (CHG70 CFG70). Do you have the 32 or the 27" version ? I think the 27" version suffers more from this issue. Can you see this also while playing a game, without test pattern? If you can see this mostly only on test pattern or on windows (for example YouTube while the edges mostly are a bit darker) then I would not tell necessarily this is a real "issue".

Regarding the viewing angles. Viewing angles within current VA panels/monitors aren't really the best and the Samsung already is better than most other 144Hz VA panels on the market. According to the clouding: Which brightness settings are you using? I am using mostly (max.) 120 cd/m2 so that clouding and the overall black uniformity, of course, is better than on the max. brightness settings. So it is REALLY HARD to tell if your monitor is average, bad or even better than average. It also comes up to which camera you are using on which ISO level etc...

If you have shot your photos so that you say it looks as in person, the next "problem" is that it will also vary depending on with which monitor I am watching your photos.

My CFG73, for example, has a bit of a yellowish tint on a full grey screen on the left side and also the brighten borders. My CHG70 was a bit better here. But as mentioned, this also can vary...

Re: 27 inch Samsung CFG70 bright band on all four edges


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