Upcoming Reviews

Here I will always announce the monitor reviews, which will appear next. If you have other interests or suggestions, write your opinion. Generally I would like to review a full "category" in which monitors resemble and offer direct competition to each other (example, all WQHD 144+ Hz Tn Models)

Next Reviews:

1. Not decided yet
several 240Hz monitors in 1 video
Acer X34P
... Asus PG27VQR (TN Quantum Dot)

also Upcoming:

Philips 328m6fjmb[/b] (2560x1440 32 Inch 144 Hz VA Panel)
Predator Z35P[/b] (3440x1440 VA 120 Hz G-Sync)

OPEN Reviews:
All popular 144Hz TN 1080p freesync Monitors and direct comparisons (Acer XF270H, Asus MG248Q, ViewSonic XG2401, Iiyama G-Master GB2488HSU-B3 Red Eagle, LG 24GM79B, Samsung S25HG50)
All popular 144Hz TN 1440p freesync Monitors and direct comparison (Asus MG278Q, AOC AGON AG271QX)
All popular 144Hz IPS 1440p freesync Monitors and direct comparison (Asus MG279Q, new Version of XF270HUA)
All popular + 144Hz TN 1080p G-SyncMonitors and direct comparisons (Asus PG248Q, Acer XB241H... ?)

Moreover.... All 1080 VA
Ultrawide 3440x1440 Freesync Models

I Think Freesync is a bit more interesting in 1080p, while it also makes more sense to buy a RX 570/580 compared to a GTX 1060 while you can save money on Freesync, compared to G-Sync. But... A good working backlight strobing is also interesting for some ppl

Q3/Q4 2018:
ROG Swift PG27UQ (4k 144 Hz G-Sync-HDR direct LED IPS Quantum Dot)
Predator X27 (4k 144 Hz G-Sync-HDR direct LED IPS Quantum Dot)
ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ (3440x1440 Ultrawide G-Sync-HDR direct Led 200 Hz IPS)
Acer Predator X35 (UWQHD 200 Hz G-Sync HDR direct LED 200 Hz IPS)

Q1/Q2 2018:
ROG Swift PG27VQ (Curved 165Hz Quantum Dot TN Panel with G-Sync)

Done Reviews:
Alienware AW3418DW
LG 32GK850B
Samsung CFG73
Asus PG27VQ
Acer XF270HUA
ViewSonic XG2401
LG 24GM79B
Samsung C32HG70
Iiyama G-Master GB2488HSU-B3
Asus MG248Q
Samsung S25HG50
ViewSonic XG2703-GS
Eizo Foris FS2735
Asus PG348Q
HP Omen X 35
Acer XB271HUA
Asus PG278QR
Dell S2716DG
Asus PG258Q (ENG SUB)
Asus PG279Q (GER ONLY - Consider, all future reviews 100% English dub)
Samsung CFG70 (GER ONLY - Consider, all future reviews 100% English dub)

Re: Upcoming Reviews

I'm interested in the AOC Agon AG322QCX and the Philips 328m6fjmb and Samsung CFG73 reviews.
VAs are starting to catch up with IPS and I prefer the better blacks and overall better contrast of the VAs to the IPS glow.
By the way, you make great in depth reviews and I can tell that you are putting a lot of effort to make them.
Do you have and ETAs for any of the above reviews?

P.S.: Greetings from Greece!

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Hey :) Thanks dude! Ill upload within the next 2-3 weeks my other Full HD Tournament Videos and after my last exam (24.07) I will review the AOC and probably the CFG73 :) Within the Philips I dont have any idea when its will be released unfortunately. Btw, thanks :)

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Hey Lim!

Any news on the AG322QCX review?

I've really liked the CHG70 review, but it also made me to not want that monitor anymore, especially because the crazy stupid FreeSync range it has. Ever since then I have been waiting for the review of the Agon, as that is the next in line that I hope will suffice my needs. (well yeah it has no HDR but the CHG70 has practically none either)

The RX Vega reviews and real EU prices should also be revealed next week, so we'll see if FreeSync is going to have a feasible future ahead. (meaning if the Vega has a good enough performance / price ratio) If it does, the Agon could turn out to be a great choice for everyone not willing to go 21:9.

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Hey man, I will finish the AOC Review today, but my PC also has to export and upload, so it will take (I think) around 12-20 hours until the review is uploaded. The Agon is great but also has some disadvantages. I Think I still prefer the Samsung CHG70 (while the agon also has text inversion and vertical lines). I planned to upload the AOC review earlier but It was not possible because of job interviews, partnership etc :) You will find out everything tomorrow :P

Re: Upcoming Reviews

lim wrote:
14 Aug 2017, 18:53
You will find out everything tomorrow :P
Great, thanks! :)

TBH I would be okay with all the downsides the CHG70 has, it is only the FreeSync range that I just cannot accept. Hoping they will fix that somehow, with a new firmware or something like that, otherwise it's garbage. (any news on this? :P)

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Hello! You're doing great reviews of the monitors, just keep it up! I have one suggestion for you. When it appears (I hope in September), would you be able to do a ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ review? :) I wanted to buy Samsung CHG70, but when I saw your test I gave up. Now I'm very interested in what ASUS did with XG32VQ and whether it has support for HDR and FreeSync 2. Sorry for a little longer post :)

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Yes, I will review the Asus instantly, I'm also very interested in the Asus. But I think it will not support HDR? I just hope, Asus is doing a good job on the panel frame construction. And I'm also hoping that AOC has a better quality control within IPS glow :) Thanks btw :)

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Hey Lim,

any news on whether you'll test the XG32VQ? It seems to finally be nearing release...

One huge downside is though that at Computex they introduced it with an IPS panel, which would have made it a very unique display in the 32" 1440p category, however... the official product page that has just launched recently is saying that we're getting another VA... https://www.asus.com/ROG-Republic-Of-Ga ... /overview/
Also no mention of HDR / FreeSync 2, though if we at least get a better FreeSync range, then it could still be better than the CHG70, where FreeSync is practically useless...

Another intresting rumor I've heard is that the XG32VQ is going to use the same (AUO?) panel that the AOC AG322 has, so it's basically just going to be a fancier, more overpriced version of it... Really hoping that's not true though...

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Hey Tyrel, cannot tell you when I will have the chance to test the XG32VQ. I think these manufacturers don't like in-depth review so I have to purchase nearly all monitors by myself and currently I'm out of my budget ;/

And yes, probably all of them are VA panels - I doubt that these monitors will support HDR properly tbh. It's pretty possible that Asus will use the same panel, I'm pretty sure since they are not many high refresh rate 1440p manufacturers on the market (only Samsung and AUO from what I currently know)... Really disappointing currently. I would wish a new panel manufacturer with better backlight uniformity control would enter the market :P + I hope the trend of direct leds will expand next year, really like this, even on my Sony XE9305 (which is a double edge LED 64 dimming zones TV)

Re: Upcoming Reviews

When's the Acer XF240H 24¨ screen review getting uploaded? I recently got one and is interested in what profile/settings you use on it, as it seems too bright and I can't seem to get the gamma correct on the screen following tests.

I'm guessing that the review already is finished since you've already rated the screen as second on the freesync 1080p screens list

Re: Upcoming Reviews

I recently got one and is interested in what profile/settings you use on it
Wouldnt recommend to use my settings (simply because of deviations within each unit) simply 1. set your preferred brightness 2. then the color temperature 3. gamma 4. and again brightness
I can't seem to get the gamma correct on the screen following tests
Which tests you mean? The lagom test? It's pretty hard to hit the "perfect" value within the monitor OSD. You probably will always have a few deviations. I was using gamma 2.4 I think
I'm guessing that the review already is finished since you've already rated the screen as second on the free sync 1080p screens list
Yes but I don't have yet edited the review + any voice recording. It's just the time that holds me back to finish the review and the whole time new monitors are releasing T_T

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Alright thanks for the quick reply. It's the same here.

I have the monitor set to 2.2 gamma with default windows settings, brightness 50, contrast 50, black 5, RGB on user with 50 on all fields.

Looking at the lagom test it gives me 1.65, 1.65, 1.9, 1.65 on 48%, 1.9 on 25% and 2.05 on 10%. Any advice on what adjustments I should be doing to make things align up better?

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Any advice on what adjustments I should be doing to make things align up better?
Hmm, my Acer was nearly perfect with gamma set to 2.4 (had gamma 2.2) Deviations really suck and they cost me a lot of time for reviews and effort I put into different reviews/information. The only one thing you can do when OSD isnt hitting gamma 2.2 is changing gamma software, but even when I do calibrate my monitor to gamma 2.2 with measuring hardware, the lagom test isnt showing the results I get with a hardware device

Re: Upcoming Reviews

Hello Lim!

I registered only to ask you (I don't even know if I'm using the right topic, move it wherever you want if I did something wrong) if you'll review the LG 34GK950G-B, which should be available in november 2018, and (hopefully) when.

I'm really interested in that monitor and I'd like to read your thoughts before deciding to buy it or not.

Thanx and keep up the great work, your reviews are simply the best and the most informative I've ever found!

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