Best choice for 34"+ Ultrawide (21:9) G-Sync Monitor?


With the recent review of the AW3418DW published on tftcentral leaving me quite disappointed (mostly due to low contrast ratio, and users reporting horrible glow and warm colour on the right side), I wonder what your recommendation would be.

I am currently using a CHG70, but I really miss the 21:9 aspect ratio and I don't like the unusable HDR (and 8 local dimming zones is a joke and more distracting than anything), the text rendering issues, and the lack of G-Sync. I previously returned a PG348Q as I couldn't stand the BLB, however, I do miss that monitor now that I used the CHG70 for a while.

I have until next week to decide whether I return this monitor, or not. What's your recommendation?

What I am looking for:
  • 34" or larger
  • IPS or VA
  • 21:9
  • WQHD
  • G-Sync
  • Your recommendation for the best monitor that fulfills these criteria.

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Re: Best choice for 34"+ Ultrawide (21:9) G-Sync Monitor?

Hey :)

In terms of Glow, the Alienware on TFT central looks pretty good (at least on the picture). I'm also curious about the AW3418DW's scanlines. After using 21:9 (especially for Witcher 3 etc) I think it's hard to get used to 16:9, that's probably true and I also couldn't stand the PG348Q's Glow, especially combined with the price.

Personally, I'm planning to buy an ultrawide (AOC / Acer / Asus) in Q1/Q2 with direct led's and hdr - Will test all of them of course.

According to your question, which monitors to choose (ultrawide qhd G-sync), I cannot really recommend any one of these for 100%. These IPS panels have huge IPS Glow issues, these VA AU Optronics panels have huge VA Glow issues and I think only the personal experience, in the end, can help for 100%. Some people who bought the Omen X35 after my review told me that they don't really see the VA Glow (which I totally cannot understand) but this is just the result of that everyone perceives things/issues/disadvantages differently.

I preferred the IPS panel compared to VA in general, even with the IPS Glow. Faster response and no VA Glow. The VA Glow in the game "Alan Wake" and Dark Souls III in darker areas otherwise was totally okay. Games like Borderlands on the VA also looks fantastic, while probably because of these intense colors the Glow is less visible. So - if you can save money and afford one of these crazy monsters next year, I would wait (If the AW3418DW will not surprising me)

Re: Best choice for 34"+ Ultrawide (21:9) G-Sync Monitor?

I was also considering to simply keep the CHG70 I have for now and wait until next year to see how the new generation of monitors turn out.

Specifically I am waiting for the new 200hz VA panels, like PG35VQ, but now you got me curious about the monitors you mentioned:
lim wrote:(AOC / Acer / Asus) in Q1/Q2 with direct led's and hdr
Can you direct me to their product pages, or tell me what their model names are, so I can keep them on my radar?

Thanks Lim!

Re: Best choice for 34"+ Ultrawide (21:9) G-Sync Monitor?

I'm currently 3 years on 'old' LG 29UB67 IPS which was my first UWD and I will never go back to other ratio (not for gaming, movies that is ;).

I started to look for new monitor around Q4/2017 and couldn't find any with these basic input parameters (basically same like you albertopizza):
  • 32-35"
  • UWD
  • 3440x1440
  • G-Sync
Mainly to step up from 2560x1080 and go to the bigger size. And have GSync finally because I can't stand tearing in games.

The only match for me seemed the AOC AG352UCG (now the black '6 version which I can get for just 580€ without tax).
My point was that to put that much money (~900€) for any of the big(30"+) UWD with GSync and basically find issues all around was a huge no go before any purchase.
Again not for that price point - to me it's illogical - invest a lot a then be dissatisfied. Also swapping monitors till I'm happy :(.
So I rather pay less to accept the issues - so the AOC seemed again like a win.

But I'm still in the buying/waiting process. And by reading and watching it seems that I should rather go the IPS way again and don't touch VA (mainly the smearing would bother me I think).
But then I have basically no choice because of my price/issues argument further up :D so I'm just stuck in a buying limbo. Any advice?

//Thanks for the site and all the info and data you've gathered so far Lim :)

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