Samsung CFG73 (C24FG73) issue

Someone with the Samsung monitor who's having a problem.

It was purchased on November 23rd on black friday!

When I turn off the PC, I always leave the monitor in standby mode blinking, however when I call it the next day, I never see the image, always having to take it off and put it back on and it starts giving.

This has to be with some problem, will it be from the display port?
anyone can help me please ?

: Yes, the led is always blue, but no image, another thing I noticed is that I have the timer turned off, but when I pull the plug and put it back in the plug and I go to the settings, the timer is turned on again.
It connects automatically without reason.
This only happens even when you are inactive for a long time
when I leave home and go to work and I go back, or at bedtime and wake up in the morning. Really very strange
Do you suggest you remove the dpi cable and then try to connect the button?

I wait your opinions
i can return

Re: Samsung CFG73 (C24FG73) issue


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