monitor for gaming and working


first of all, I want to say that you are doing great job! You have great videos and you helped me a lot before. I bought 3 times Asus PG 279Q, which i think is great monitor, but due to BLB, yellow tint etc i have enough of IPS lottery. Returned all of them.
I want to buy a monitor for:
- mainly gaming (FPS games, some forza, maybe some other casual titles but not so ofthen)
- working (programming, QHD would be great but it's not a must) I do care about sharpness of font. I remember your video abot samsung c27hg70 which has bad sharpness..
- living :D (web, movies)

As i said, IPS is not an option due to lottery... TN and VA are both fine. I would pick VA but I heard that there are some problems with VA and you don't get the max of 144hz (they are slow because of some transmission? not sure)
TN has some banding issues too... Not sure what to pick :)
144hz vs 244 - don't know if it's huge diff, what do you think?
TN vs VA - I would like to know your opinion and what are the pros and cons for gaming and working. I know that Angles are better on VA and colors.
Full hd vs QHD - i think i will go with Full HD, cheaper and easier to maintain in the future, currently owns gtx 1080, what do you think?
Gsync - would be nice but i know it costs a lot and don't know if it's worth it

Was thinking of dell 2716dg, MSI Optix MAG241C Curved, ViewSonic XG2402, AOC C24G1 Curved, Dell Alienware AW2518HF..
What would you recommend?

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