Best 1440p 144hz G-Sync monitor? 27-32 inch range

Hello Lim,

i need some advice for purchasing a new monitor. As the title shows i'm searching for a 27-32 inch 144hz 1440p G-Sync monitor.

My Budget is around 1000 € so i'm searching for high quality one. Normally i use my monitors for a long time.

In general im leaning towards IPS or VA(not sure yet. i'm not able to spot the differences with my current setup in your videos). I don't need a TN panel as i'm not a pro gamer.

I do play games and work on my monitor but more towards gaming.

Games i play:
Starcraft 2, CSGO, PUBG, Guild Wars 2, Rocket League and other stuff. Mostly "competetive" online games. But i'm a casual player

Software Development, Reading, Blogging, Video Editing and Stock Trading.

My Desk has 80cm depth and my lightning in the room is very flexible from very high until pitch black. I even have the BenQ Screenbar attached on my current monitor.

Can you help me? there are quite a lot options out there? If you need more information just tell me

Best Regards

Re: Best 1440p 144hz G-Sync monitor? 27-32 inch range

Of course it comes down to your personal preferences - Personally, I would pick IPS over VA simply because of a better overall image quality while I would pick VA over IPS in TVs due to the distance to the panel (and then the VA Glow doesn't matter anymore that much).

If you CANT deal with the IPS glow, then you should pick VA. All pros and cons always mentioned in the written review as well. VA also is slower than IPS.

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