Need Help/Advice

Hey Lim,

First things first...
I found your reviews, great reviews in fact!
Thanks four great work, good taste on concepts of reviews also good decision change to english because my german is very restricted.
I'm about to replace my great amazing HP w2207h 10 years rocking, great colours and amazing blacks because the glossy cote, yes same issues with the reflection but in the right environment amazing and 5ms B2B, but only 720p 1680X1050 - 16:10 and the 1st one with pivot rotation and HDMI since i recall. Still working good, but...
The new monitor requirements are:
TN/VA/IPS - Big doubt
G-sync hard to feat on this budget i have 980 GTX Poseidon
Budget 600€

Please give me a clue , i saw several of your reviews of Asus, AOC, Acer and Dell.

btw HP 27XQ is that bad no one talks about it !?

P.S. - My indecision is between Acer XF270HUA and Asus MG279Q

Thanks in advance.

Re: Need Help/Advice

I already made up my mind, I bought ACER XF270HUA just because i found it at real New with all fees and Taxes for Prime Clients (Trial Period :D) 388.80€.
Even if i do not like i can return in 30 days or sell at good price as new without lose money for sure.

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