1440p 27" monitor for gaming and media

Hey Lim, came here through your wonderful elaborate reviews on Youtube. Since the monitor market seems so complex but I want to rather spend 100eur more for a good monitor I can use over the years, it would be great to have your advise.

I will use the monitor both as external monitor on my Macbook Air as well as for my desktop with a Geforce GTX, mainly for web, media, and gaming (fps like csgo).

- 1440p
- around 27" size
- not a heavy gamer design (like the predator)
- TN panel
- 144hz
- ideally a gamer mode like black equalizer or sth
- g-sync is a maybe

As I understand that g-sync is a major cost part, I am not yet sure if I really, really need it. Maybe you could help which monitor you would recommend with, and without g-sync for this setup?

Re: 1440p 27" monitor for gaming and media

Hey dude, sorry for the late response, had a lot of work (found a partner for lims cave etc) :)

The Benq XL2735 had a good price drop (to 500€ in the EU) it dont has freesync/g-sync but a good motion blur reduction which can also be improved with blurbusters utility. But I dont tested the Benq currently, so I cannot say anything within colors, gamma settings etc.

You dont need G-Sync necssarily when you can hit stable 120 fps. You still will have tearing (and sometimes a bit stutter depending on the game), but its by far not that noticeable as on 60 fps/hz for example.

With your stated specs we have "only" following monitors (excluding the preadtor because of its design):

Zowie XL2735
Acer PG278QR
Dell S2716DG
Omen X27 (new model but pretty expensive and I also dont have currently made experiences with it)

Before I repead everything ( because I also get a lot of "same" questions every day :P) Here is a small discussion from YouTube:

YouTube Comment
I don't add a lot of comments, but you deserve one. Great and in depth review. I did a ton of research and watched a ton of videos on the Dell 27 S2716DG TN Panel, and the ASUS 27 PG278QR TN Panel and the ASUS PG279Q IPS Panel (all three mentioned in this video). After your video and a number of other videos and threads, the lack of quality control/IPS glow/IPS backlight bleed on is a complete deal breaker for me on IPS gaming panels. A quick search on the internet will reveal the number of issues and returns people have had to deal with in regards to the Acer and Asus 27 inch IPS gaming panels. I do not think it is worth the money/risk/headache....especially at such a price premium.

Once I let go of the notion of getting the ASUS PG279Q IPS Panel, it was down to the Dell 27 S2716DG TN Panel vs. the ASUS 27 PG278QR TN Panel. After your review I realized that they are so close in quality, that it really comes down to price. In Canada you can currently get the the ASUS 27 PG278QR TN Panel for $859.99. You can get the Dell 27 S2716DG TN Panel for $640.00. Both are on sale at the moment, but the price difference is about the same when they are regular price. For over $200.00 less, the Dell 27 S2716DG TN Panel seems like the overall winner to me. I actually think the Dell 27 S2716DG TN Panel is a real sleeper panel, and the overall price to quality winner. Combined with Dells customer service, warranty, and return policy I think it becomes even stronger. I will be getting the Dell 27 S2716DG TN Panel no questions.

I know some people here will say this and that about my comment. For the record I do not work for Dell, I have no vested interest in Dell. I actually really wanted to buy the ASUS PG279Q IPS Panel. I thought for sure it was the one I would get, and I have changed my mind.

I would never base my decisions of one review, but yours was fantastic and helped a lot. Appreciate a good and thorough video. Perhaps this video, or even my comments may help another person.

Hey man :) First, thanks. I can totally understand within IPS glow problems, and I also gave up in IPS until I had one with very very good glow conditions (which I had to send back because it was a test model). If you can get a IPS one with minor glow, these panels are really good .... :/

The Dell is cheaper yes, but the Dell also has huge color banding issues (check here viewtopic.php?f=13&t=27). Plus the Asus PG278QR has better blacks, osd, gamma settings, contrast, build quality... The only one thing which is really "bad" at the Asus is the matte panel coating. But I cannot say that this is an issue which will disturb everyone. Some people with which I talked, told me that they are totally fine with its matte coating. Within the PG279Q you really NEED a LOT of LUCK because the panel frame consturction is pretty bad. Better to take a closer look into the Acer IPS one, but I really dont like Acers design ... ;D

There also is a "Fix" for the Dell which helps a bit within color banding, but I cannot say how much this "fix" improves because I didnt knew about it as I had the Dell :)
YouTube Comment
No problem! Thank you.

I see that the color banding can be an issue, but you are very technical and have attention to finest details. I have no doubt there is a color banding issue, but I have not seen many user reviews that found a big issue with it. Did you really find it that bad?

In regards to the better blacks, osd, gamma settings, and contrast in the Asus TN model, is it worth over $200 more? Your review gave me the impression that the differences were fairly slight. I was of the opinion that it was not great enough in any of those areas to justify the increased price compared to the Dell. Don't get me wrong, if they were the same price or very closely priced, I would go with the Asus PG278QR. I am a big Asus fan.
Well to be honest, first I don't recognized the color banding, just because you can see this issue mostly in dark image content like a cave with a burning torch for example or glowing objects behind a dark image. In the grayscale this issue also is pretty visible. So it depends on image content. Im games like H1Z1 for example, where the game is mostly bright you will not notice them that fast (maybe in the sky in the game). Well if I PERSONALLY would pay 640$, I would add 200$ for the Asus, but consider, like you already mentioned, I see such things pretty fast :P Where The Asus has much more problems on desktop (the matte panel coating is very visible for me while browsing on YouTube or Word for example). The difference in blacks also is pretty clearly visible. OSD for me is not important, build quality from the Dell is good as well so nothing really to complain about. You also should consider that Dells overdrive function is not good (it creates text ghosting), so that you have to turn it off (where still some overdrive is added - I think you only can set "normal" and "extreme"). Some would say its worth, some would say it isnt. My gut instinct says that your probably better with the Dell when you already considerate to be able to save 200$. In the end, biggest difference are blacks, which are on the Asus (at least for me) pretty clearly visible better. A few days ago I had written with someone who bought the Dell and switched to the Asus. He also sayd to me that blacks are clearly better and the matte panel coating for him wasnt a deal breaker whereas he had problems with color banding. BUT do not let me influence you too much, try the Dell, check and evaluate how good blacks are for you, as same as the banding issue :)
So the question is Asus vs Dell (or maybe Benq). Asus and Dell has both G-Sync, the Dell still is cheaper than the Benq. If you want a "cheap" IPS you also could take a look into the Predator XB271HUA (its not that ugly like the g-sync predator series) :P. Of course, with the IPS lottery :)

If you have further questions, just ask :)

Re: 1440p 27" monitor for gaming and media

MichaelJohnson wrote:
08 Aug 2017, 14:02
I have Acer Predator XB271HU gaming monitor. It is one of the best gaming monitor in 1440p 27"monitors. I like to play my favorite games on it. It provide very smooth, unique, adorable and breathtaking gaming experience. You can also feel this experience to buy this monitor.
In regards to the better blacks, osd, gamma settings, and contrast in the Asus TN model, is it worth over $200 more?
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Re: 1440p 27" monitor for gaming and media

Sorry for my late response again dude...
In regards to the better blacks, osd, gamma settings, and contrast in the Asus TN model, is it worth over $200 more?
Black & Gamma settings I would say NO (it also has a worse panel coating) BUT the Acer does not suffer from color banding artifacts which is a huge + for some people. Depending if you can observe this

https://www.limscave.com/dell-s2716dg Here at the and of the article are 2 screenshots (one with the s2716dg one with an ips panel and you clearly can see the artifacts)

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