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@lim (or anyone else) can you tell me if the 10 bit setting was available for this monitor in the AMD Radeon driver settings? I have it but I only see 8 bit max and I'm wondering if that's normal for this model.
Yes but it does not have an impact at all :P (some bug issue)
I'm trying to decide between the C32HG70 and the XG32VQ, and I'd be really glad for your help!
First of all, I didn't have tested yet the Asus (:
I don't care much about HDR for now, but FreeSync I do want to use. In your review of the Samsung it has proven to have a horrible FreeSync implementation, however since you did the test Samsung released a lot of firmware updates for that monitor. I've read a rumor that with the new firmware the FreeSync range is 48-144Hz and that it doesn't flicker anymore, but I can't find any official info. Samsung still doesn't communicate the FreeSync range of that monitor and they have also not released changelogs with their new firmwares.
Which has been fixed:
I don't have tested this by myself, but a lot of other users have reported me that it was fixed

More vibrant colors - I previously used an IPS panel and the colors on the PB328Q are lacking compared to that one
The Samsung has more INTENSE colors but overall, due to its viewing angles you will observe color shift on all VA panels so that the overall impression still should be better on IPS on BRIGHTER image content whereas the Samsung wins in darker image content and horror/ Sci-Fi titles etc, due to its contrast.

Curve, mainly to reduce the iris effect (or what it's called) - I'm talking about the VA issue where the really bad viewing angles cause blacks to turn grey around the edges of the screen
The curve of the Samsung is not that bad and it helps with color shift on the VA panel. (viewing angles) as you have mentioned

Pixel response time - especially at dark to light chages. With the PB328Q when I'm on a website with dark background and bright letters, whenever I scroll it is smearing a lot. Letters turn gray and blurry while moving, it is very visible and annoying.
Hmm, hard to tell if the Samsung or the Asus is MUCH better. They are both VA so they have smearing which is most visible in darker image content such as a dark object behind a darker background. In whites the Samsung and Asus should not have any problems, especially because of 144Hz

If you want 32", then only VA currently offers high refresh rate panels, that is right. Personally, I think that I would prefer the Samsung, even without testing the Asus :P

Re: Samsung CHG 70 (31.5" Inch) Review + Measuring Data

lim wrote:
03 Mar 2018, 15:28

Well as far as I know the XG32VQ is built on the same panel as the Agon AG322QCX that you've tested. With the Asus you just pay extra for the brand name and the fancy design... At least I think so. I assumed that technically they're the same.

I know that some 34" UWQHD monitors offer higher refresh rate IPS panels, but they cost A LOT. Like the Asus PG348Q seems really nice, but I can't afford it, and I'm also not sure that I want to. I'm not a big fan of the 21:9 ratio - it might be good for movies (not for series tho), but not so much for anything else, at least in my opinion.

Sooo I guess the Samsung it is, thanks for the help!

Re: Samsung CHG 70 (31.5" Inch) Review + Measuring Data

lim wrote:
03 Mar 2018, 22:14
I could even choose 12 bit... but without any impact. With the "bug" I mean some software bug that I was able to choose 12 Bit :)
Thanks! So this means 10bpc isn't actually available? I'm not sure how the color depth for this monitor works... does 8bit + FRC mean it's normal that you can only select 8bit in the GPU settings and "real" 10bit is simulated when HDR is on?

Re: Samsung CHG 70 (31.5" Inch) Review + Measuring Data

To all CHG70 owners: Please extract your EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) via SwitchResX on macOS or equivalent software on Windows. SwitchResX has a trial. After that take look at the extracted text file and look for this:

Data Block Collection #6
Extended Data Block: HDR static metadata data block
Electro optical transfer functions:
Traditional gamma - SDR luminance range
Supported static metadata descriptors:
Static metadata type 1
Desired content max luminance: 115 (603,666 cd/m^2)
Desired content max frame-average luminance: 90 (351,250 cd/m^2)
Desired content min luminance: 23 (0,049 cd/m^2)

Mine was missing an important line for HDR functionality: Traditional gamma - HDR luminance range. I guess without this the maximum encoded luminance from the HDR source can’t be understood as the maximum luminance of the monitor.

This could be an explanation why colors look washed out, too dark, wrong black levels during HDR mode.

I've also written a longer reddit post about this issue: ... 70_series/

This monitor seriously requires a firmware update. It is ridiculous that the last firmware update for a premium product was almost half a year ago (November 2017). Please contact Samsung support if you have this issue, so they can update the firmware as soon as possible.

Re: Samsung CHG 70 (31.5" Inch) Review + Measuring Data

No, you can’t edit the EDID. The EDID just contains information about the capabilities of a display. You can extract this information on any monitor with the right software in order to read it. Nothing else. ... ation_Data

The point I was making was: Samsung delivers a premium product either with broken HDR by default or a faulty firmware update breaks the HDR capability. In both cases this would prove how bad the quality assurance of Samsung is. It is just sad that the main feature of a premium product does not work properly and they don’t even update the firmware anymore, which is needed in this case to make the HDR work properly.

The missing line "Traditional gamma - HDR luminance range" assures that the maximum encoded luminance from the HDR source can be understood as the maximum luminance of the monitor.

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Ok, now I get it. Interesting... It is still weird that they simply do not react to any issues, review issues etc on the web. Just the brightness is not the "real" issues on this monitor it is more the contrast especially with the combination of the VA glow while we sit pretty close to monitors compared to TVs. So not just only that TVs have a much better contrast ratio, the Samsung "looses" pretty much "measured" contrast due to the VA glow as well :/ We just need fully array LEDs with +500 dimming zones, at least :P

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@lim can you test ghosting/motion blur on the samsung with hot ambient temperature and warmed up screen?

My c24fg73 has A LOT less ghosting now on UFO with 26ºC ambient temp. I've, been on moche xl party in Portugal last week and had a change to test a few monitors on UFO, and i can tell you that under these conditions the samsung has motion closer to the TN gaming monitors than the IPS.
I guess i'll have to block the cooling slots with something during the winter :D, dunno why this screen is soo sensitive to temperature. (handheld camera, looks sharper in person).

I guess this explains why tftcentral got soo slow pixel response on c32hg70, probably running on cold ambient temperatures.

Re: Samsung CHG 70 (31.5" Inch) Review + Measuring Data

Hi @lim

There is a new monitor from BenQ EX3203R similar with this Samsung. Had you took a look on it?

Can't chose between Samsung and Benq, their cost is almost identical in my aountry. Could you give me advice on them?

From revievs Benq has slightly worse color gamut and response time, as well as HDR400 instead HDR600. But may be overall quality is better compared to samsung.
Pros for me is better stand and usb C support mey be helpful.

I'm a casual gamer and all i care is to get most immersive picture.

Re: Samsung CHG 70 (31.5" Inch) Review + Measuring Data

hey lim, I currently have the samsung c27hg70 i dont know if to return it and get a better 1440p high refresh rate monitor, well if there is a better on. could you maybe give some thoughts on what would be a better option or if to just keep what i have? I currently play a lot of csgo competitively and got to college for game design so a good fast accurate panel would be useful. could you maybe give a recommendation for this use too?
Thanks in advance!

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