Looking for 27inch 1440p glossy monitor recommendations

Hey Lim,

Firstly, I really appreciate all the in-depth monitor reviews. I just subbed to your channel, and feel that you deserve a lot more subs, keep up the awesome job.

I use an LG Ultrafine 4k (Glossy) monitor at work which I vastly prefer over the other matte Dell that I use, due to the superior image quality and colors on the LG display. My only issue with the LG is the monitor's size of 22 inch. The 27 inch Ultrafine is way over my budget of around 300-500 USD.

I am now trying to purchase a monitor for myself, mainly for media consumption + the occasional gaming.
The only glossy 1440p option without QC issues that I could find is the Dell S2718D.

I did, however, find a few Quantum Dot Samsung monitors (C27H711, C27HG70) which promise a much wider color gamut but are unfortunately matte. Would these be better than the Dell S2718D in terms of image quality and sharpness? (I saw that you had generally good opinions about the C27HG70).

Are there better 1440p 27inch monitors for 300-500USD?

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