Lim, it's 32GK850G service menu info picture.

Some Korean friend call LG to his home check his 32GK850G monitor
And when engineer guy open service menu , he just quickly take a picture of it.

You are right again, now 100% sure it's AUO panel.


By the way,
TFTcentral is start review this monitor, this days should post result in their site.
Just want to sure, response time is how much faster or slower than Samsung.

Lim, you think it should be slower than Samsung panel right?

I think it should slower too.

I check with Korean review site "Playwares"

LG 32GK850G
ASUS MX32VQ(should be Samsung)

And check the "response"
32GK850G it did slower than XG27VQ, and seems with more overshoot(check the video)
Even with MX32VQ(QHD panel), it did slower too.

I think AUO VA, it did slower than Samsung VA.
21:9 panels even much slower

AUO VA 6 sub pixel is 5:5, maybe because that, it did got better text inversion with no problem.
But response time look like not so good as Samsung

Re: Lim, it's 32GK850G service menu info picture.

lim wrote:
01 May 2018, 18:30
Haha good to know :) I think the LG is slower than the Samsung yes. The biggest difference I can see in grey to black response times while some other gtg etc are not really visible with the naked eye compared to the Samsung tbh.

Unfortunately I do not have an oscilloscope to measure the response times either a 1000 fps cam for input lag testings

TFTcentral review just released now..


Oh my god..

Look like it is much faster than C32HG70(Samsung QHD panel) with almost no overshoot..
But slower than ACER Z271(Samsung FHD panel)

So maybe it like this..?
"Samsung FHD VA" > "AUO QHD VA" > "Samsung QHD VA"
(Faster >>> Slower)

(Without any high fresh rate monitor use "AUO FHD VA" panel, so can't figure out how fast it will be...)


And they also want to figure out it is AUO Panel or not..

"We are in the process of double checking the panel with LG and will update this review in due course - we didn't want to delay publication any longer.
We are aware that the service menu for this screen lists the panel as "AUO_M315DVR01_LGE_BL".
However, we have some doubts about this since we know the two current M315DVR01.0 and 1.1 panels are curved format, and this is a flat screen.
Having dismantled the screen as well we were presented with an unexpected panel label and we are seeking confirmation from LG as to what the situation is here.
We will provide more information when we get it, although we can focus on the actual performance of the screen here without having the detail of the specific panel part anyway."

They even try to tear down the monitor and find some "unexpected panel label" in there..
Look like they are trying to confirm with LG about the panel info.

Very curious what they saw...
And LG will offer they any extra panel information or not..

LG 32GK850G is very good 32 inch gaming monitor without question..
But what the panel it used, is always like secret

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