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Hi Lim, i have currently monitor Samsung Syncmaster p2770 and graphics Amd R280x . In middle of November i will look for new high end monitor+graphics card. After 1 month+ looking for decent monitor i am 90% sure i want Samsung CHG70 31.5" . The problem is i was thinking to get Nvidia 1080TI graphics......
I play WoW and Battelfield 1mostly 80% of my time - rest 20% watching Netflix. Do you think above is a good choice or not ?
I know best of best does not exist but ?
Thanks in advice.
Edited: I can get AMD Vega 64 graphics instead of Nvidia ...

Re: New monitor

Hey :) Well Samsungs Freesync range, like we know, is pretty "bad". You could get a 1080 ti and use backlight strobing instead of Freesync in the CHG70 for example. The problem is, that the CHG70 has stuttering issues within CS GO and Battlefield. I've tested CS GO and another user told me that he also had issues within Battlefield on the CHG70 (I don't own that game). Here, in the review updates, you can see why I don't recommend the CHG70 for CS GO or in general fps games, while I cannot say which games have stuttering issues and which games doesn't. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=100

If you really want 31.5 Inchyou also can wait for the new Asus and LG (Asus IPS Freesync 31.5" or LG VA G-Sync 31.5") viewtopic.php?f=15&t=113&p=273#p273

If you're fine with 27" I would go with IPS, WQHD, and G-Sync with the 1080 ti (Probably the Acer XB270HU or the AOC AG271QG, but I don't have both of these monitors right now :P. The Viewsonic XG2703-gs also, in general, is a good monitor with OSD setting and OSD profile issues.

For WOW the CHG70 or VA, in general, is fine, for fps games (competitive) I would go with IPS (or even TN). Depending on when you want to upgrade your pc, you still can wait for the new monitors and reviews. I don't have release dates yet :)

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