New video structure

Hi Guys,
always looking for new possibilities and video structures and while my videos are quite long, detailed, and very very exhausting, I decided to create a video FAQ on all important topics. These are, for example: How does ULMB work and what is it?, What are Delta E values and how can I easily understand and read them, Large color space = good monitor ?, test methodologies, panel coating, angle of view and a lot more in future.

This gives you several advantages, not only for you but also for me. It makes the organization with the creation of the videos immensely easier and as you have probably already noticed, I have never been able to upload my articles on (german) and videos so far. Because I do not always have to repeat everything and explain, I can focus more on the quality of the videos and make it easier for you to understand all important aspects of the reviews. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know! I hope we can build together a unique platform, tshaka!
Thanks :)


1. In future I will add perciced Input-Lag measurement tests with a 1000 fps camera. This makes it possible to measure also Input-Lag with for example, overclock functions, g-sync, freesync, ulmb, backlight strobing etc.

2. Also I am actually saving money for a perciced hardware colorimeter, which gives me the opportunity to evaluate color deviation in presets, optimal OSD settings as well as with a calibrated monitor.

Re: New video structure


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