New Page is online + Rating System

As you probably already have noticed, the new page is online.

The forum is available through the link

I would appreciate if everyone would rate his monitor at the gaming monitor list here:
You can login through your forum username and password now also for the page :)

I hope you all like it! If you have any suggestions, find missing monitors or something else, just let me know here, so I can fix this :)


Edit: Already some new changes will be applied.

1. Number of stars next to the rating
2. Stars will be changed to Overall-Rating (before Average Rating)
Average = the average of all your allocated points / Overall-Rating = Your Overall impression
3. Your reviews/ratings will be editable
4. Reviews/Ratings will become a comment function (to discuss in your rating etc.)

Will let you know when changes are "fixed"

Re: New Page is online + Rating System

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