Re: What monitor reviews do you wish?

Hi Lims,

i rly like your reviews, the best thing about it is the level of detail. Is there any chance that u review the HP Omen 25 ? It would suit perfectly to the already reviewed once from Samsung C24FG70FQU, LG 24GM79G-B, Iiyama GB2488HSU-B3, Asus and so on. It would also be cool to have a "battle of monitors" in the price price bracket of 200 to 300 bugs. Maybe this could be a nice video format.


Re: What monitor reviews do you wish?

I'm working on a detailed "ranking" site für Top 3 monitors for each category (1080p TN / 1080p VA / 1440p TN and so on...) I'm also waiting to receive the XG2402 and the AOC G2790PX. Maybe, If I will have the chance to review the Omen, I will add this monitor, but currently, I'm awaiting two more TN models :) Will also do a video according to TOP 3 monitors each category

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