New Philips 31.5" WQHD VA 144 Hz Monitor with "Ambilight"


Philips (328m6fjmb) is introducing a new 31.5 "WHQD monitor with 144 Hz, freesync and VA panel. The price actually is unknown as same as the release. The Philips will be the second WQHD VA monitor next to the AOC AG322QCX With 144 Hz of its kind. In addition, there are two "new" features of the monitor.

1. Philips Ultra Wide Color
This is an extended color space, which Philips presented at the IFA 2016. Here Philips uses a combination of blue LEDs with red and green iridescent phosphorus. This gives Philips a significantly expanded color space of approximately 88% NTSC. For the new model, Philips has a value of NTSC: 100% (CIE1976), sRGB: 120% (CIE1931).

2. Philips Ambiglow
In addition, the monitor will become the same support as many "Ambilight" televisions, where you will have a background lighting which changes depends on your image content. Probably it will be the first time on a PC (gaming) monitor.


All in all, the monitor seems to be very interesting, although it probably does not have backlight scanning. So, of course, it remains to be seen how the monitor will pass the review and what problems it will entail. Unfortunately, there are still few photos of the new Philips model to have. Updates to the monitor can be found here in the forum.

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