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1. Acer X35 and Asus PG35VQ as both using VA panels.

2. XG35VQ has ULMB not XG32VQ.
Uhmm... Did they change specifications for the PG35VQ and the X35? I'm pretty sure they are IPS

The XG35VQ is a Freesync monitor (only monitors with G-Sync have ULMB) but you're right - it has "Extreme Low Motion Blur" (ELMB) *fixed

The XG32VQ also have this feature (ELMB)

Re: Upcoming Monitor Release List 2017

Hello, Lim.

Philips just released 328M6FJMB at Taiwan&Honkong.

And after 328M6FJMB, Philips will have 328M6FJRMB model(+"R") ... h-ambiglow
and this one include Quantum dot tech, sRGB will be sRGB 125%(Like samsung), NTSC 100%
and also have HDR.

And AOC just released a new model at Honkong
(Like 328M6FJRMB/328M6FJMB, this one is AG322QCX update version)

model name is "AG322QCX9", 32"+QHD+144hz, also include Quantum dot tech.
but amazing one is.. this one is sRGB 143%, NTSC 110%.
and also have HDR.

And Viewsonic have one 32" +QHD new model released at CHINA. ... G3240C.php
Model name is XG3240C.
32"+QHD+144hz, no Quantum dot, sRGB 99%, but also have HDR.

all three are freesync and use VA panel

Just some information :P
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Re: Upcoming Monitor Release List 2017

Lim, I check your "Gaming Monitor List"
But I notice Z271, Z271T, XL2740 these 3 shouldn't have ULMB and DyAc.

And XL2540 should have freesync.

Z271 ... r_z271.htm
We should say up front that for some reason ULMB is not available on this model

Z271T ... hz-1195087
La principale cause est l'absence d'ULMB et de l'overdrive (censé palier au problème)
The main cause is the lack of ULMB and overdrive (supposed to overcome the problem) ... reshrates/
The only negatives I could find were the absence of ULMB

XL2740 ... ate=112757

DyAc 기능 모델은 XL2735, XL2546 과 XL2536 모델이 있사오니 참고 부탁 드립니다.
아쉽지만 27형 +240hz + DyAc 지원 모델은 아직 출시 일정이 없사오니 참고 부탁 드립니다.
Please note that the DyAc function models are available in the XL2735, XL2546 and XL2536 models.
Unfortunately, 27 models + 240hz + DyAc models are not available yet. ... l2740.html



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