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Hello and good evening,

I'm looking for an 144hz 27 inch monitor and i'm in a bit of a pickle. First up, i'm in doubt about getting an IPS monitor or a TN monitor. I really like the IPS colours and movie experience but i do play some games like overwatch and csgo. Not really competitively but i don't like having a disadvantages even around diamond league.
So first up, does the IPS lower response time and increased motion blur really affect your performance in games like overwatch and csgo? I come from a asus vg248QE monitor wich i really like, so if the performance is compareable to my currrent monitor i'm sold to IPS. I'm also pretty sensitive to bad mouse reactions on screen, if my mouse doesn't do exactly as i want on screen the whole game just feels off and it really annoys me. So, does anyone have some similair experience switching to IPS while gaming pretty competitive from a 144hz TN panel? In this category i was thinking about the Acer Predator XB271HU IPS or TN because it is around 100/150 euro's cheaper than it's competition.

Then there is the upcoming VA/TN 1ms response time quantum dot panels coming out quarter 2018. This, on paper, seems like the perfect solution for me. A fast response time combined with great visuals close to a IPS panel with much better blacks. Should i wait to get one of these monitors or are they too good to be true. This would be monitors like the Asus PG27VQR or the Acer Predator X27 (wich is IPS).

At last i got a GTX 1080, and i'm wondering if g-sync is worth the extra money. It might help in games like Pubg, the witcher 3 and other really demanding titles, but the g-sync 144hz panels are around 1/200 euro's more expensive in my country. I might just get something like the Samsung LC27HG70 without g-sync with quantum dots.. or the MSI Optix MAG27CQ because it's around 70% of the price of the G-sync counterparts.

I can't find any good reviews on the quantum dot technology, and lim's the only one who really goes into detail about every colour, motion blur and response time. So thank you Lim, for the awesome content and the most indept monitor reviews on youtube.

If you guys could give me some advice and share similair experiences i would greatly appreciate it.

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