Samsung C27HG70 vs Acer XF270HUA need help

Hello Lim.

Currently i have 1080p 144hz 27 inch curved va panel. I bought chg70 and im amazed by the picture quality. But it has too much problems. Freesync completely useless because it adds inverse ghosting artifacts every time. VA glow, viewing angles and contrast bad compared to my current va monitor. Single colored webpages looks bad. Left and right edges looks pale(viewing distance was normal). I tried different panels every one of them was bad. Dead-stuck pixels, dirty screen effects etc... Resolution, quantum dots and hdr was good. I returned every chg70. I tried 27 inch 1440p 144hz tn panel. Freesync, sharpness, fluidity was awesome. Everything was clear with this monitor. But image quality was bad. Whites webpages had yellow tint. (i calibrated every monitor with spyder) Blacks was bad. Black uniformity was better than chg70 thou. So it was good at motion clarity and freesync but bad at picture quality.

I tried side by side TN vs VA in this game. The Evil Within 2. In this scene leafs looked lively full green on my va monitor but leafs looked washed out and almost invisible on my tn monitor. Is this because of contrast or screwed gamma settings ?

Is there any upcoming quantum dot ips freesync monitor ? or quantum dot va freesync monitor ? Any high contrast(higher than chg70)-low ghosting(lower than chg70) 1440p 144hz va monitor ? What happened to AOC freesync 2 monitor? I thought it was releasing april 2018.

I want solid colors on my monitor. Chg70(pale edges) and tn(yellow tint-bad viewing angle) failed. My current va monitor very good at it.
Which screen coating lighter ? chg70 or xf270hua ?

As a experienced monitor reviewer what you think ? What should i expect from XF270HUA. I want one monitor and move on. Every monitor has flaws :( My current va monitor has terrible ghosting. Its like always huge amount of fxaa+txaa applied :) Contrast is really good but ppi and ghosting really bad. I need upgrade. Contrast is important for me but looks like there is not any good va monitor.

Sorry for bad english.

Re: Samsung C27HG70 vs Acer XF270HUA need help


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