Upgrading to a new monitor going the 144hz route

Hi Lim,

First of all I love Your reviews, they are the most detailed and comprehensive monitor reviews I've seen on Youtube, the biggest issue with Your videos is that there is not enough of them :')
So I'm tryng to decide between these monitors:
Samsung 27 CFG73 for 370 euros, my biggest concern with this one is the resolution an the size, but i really like what I've hear from your reviews about the colors.
LG 34 UC79g for 490 euros, concerns here are the resolution and the aspect ratio while i like the idea of ultrawides the idea of watching my regular content boxed does not thrill me.
AOC agon 32 AG2QCX 450 euros, here i really like the resolution and size but the price is bit of an issue and the colors as well.

I have a gtx 970 but all of the gsync monitors in 27 inch or higher sizes are way out of my price range.

I would really appreciate Your opinion and advice.
Thank you in advanced.

Re: Upgrading to a new monitor going the 144hz route

Hey mate and thanks :)
the biggest issue with Your videos is that there is not enough of them :')
If I just would have time to produce more content, I would - but I also have a 40h/week job + 20h/week Lims Cave which already is really exhausting :)

Between your mentioned 3 monitors: First of all, the AOC will have nearly the same PPI as the Samsung (simply because of the size) but if you prefer 32" over 27", why not. If you really want 32", then you can go with the AOC. Of course, colors are not as intense as on the Samsung and reds sometimes are a bit weird, but after 3 days of usage I already forgot about them and the overall image quality + response time was very well.

Ultrawides are amazing for games which support ultrawide of course, especially for RPGs, games like Diablo III, Witcher, Dark Souls and so on. But if you consume a lot of 16:9 content, an Ultrawide monitor, of course, is not ideal so this is simply something you have to decide. Here you may consider that the IPS glow on the LG is a bit yellowish (as same as on the PG348Q for example which also uses an LG panel) and also still more IPS glow than the new Alienware AW3418DW monitor for example.

If you consume mostly 21:9 content, then I would pick the ultrawide, you will have the same PPI on the LG as on the AOC. In fact: all 3 monitors will have nearly the same PPI just that the LG will not have text inversion issues and overall better colors in brighter image content, whereas Samsung + AOC wins in darker titles due to its contrast.

You should ask yourself what you prefer: 32" or better colors? I am personally fine with 27" and I even prefer this size (personally). The Samsung in 27" however has more banding and sometimes DSE issues than the CFG in 24" of the CHG in 32". But there are also some ppl out there which have a good panel without this issue (check this photos in this review where I made photos from uniform backgrounds + vikings) https://www.limscave.com/samsung-cfg70

Re: Upgrading to a new monitor going the 144hz route


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