The road to the perfect monitor

Especially as an high involved enthusiast it's not that easy to find your own perfect monitor. For this I want to create some guidelines in this forum as well as on my YouTube channel. I already have written down some topics but maybe you guys have also good idead to which topics I can create some guidelines. Remember, there is NO perfect monitor for EVERYONE. Each monitor has it's own pros and cons, which can differentiate from person to person!

Examples for this are:

- Is G-Sync / Freesync worth it? (For whom is it worthwhile? When and under what conditions is it worthwhile? Which alternatives maybe are better?)
- Guideline panel coating surface. (What effects do different panel surface coatings have on my gaming experience)
- Resolution vs graphics settings. (Example: WQHD with medium graphics settings with stable 100 fps or Full HD with maximum or better graphics settings with stable 100 fps?)
- TN vs IPS vs VA detailed Superguide
- 1 MS TN vs 4 MS VA: The difference?!
- The power of daylight / lamps
- Clouding, Banding, IPS Glow, Backlight Bleed, Dead Pixels, Pixel Errors - differences and what can I do?

Thanks for your help 8-)

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Well there are also some "tricks" with massage etc... but the easiest way is
1. Use desk lamp(s) - Them more lamps them less Glow
2. Monitor brightness of course
3. Range distance to monitor
4. Height adjustment to the monitor (depending on: which corner has most glow - of lower right, then it helps to adjust in height a bit)
5. Loose the panel frame a bit with fingers / card
6. massage the display with a micro fibre cloth (but I dont tested this, someone told me his glow was drastically lowered)

Re: The road to the perfect monitor


you have a great site and some fantastic reviews on youtube.
Im looking for a good monitor but after reading all your review for the monitors that im interested in im very confused.

Im looking for a 27" or 28" gsync monitor and i was set on dell s2716dg because of the great review on amazon and the good price but after reading about the banding and pixel inversion im not sure anymore. So I would like to know of the all monitors you tested which is the one you would buy for yourself considering you want a 27" or 28" gsync monitor :).


Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Hey man,
sorry that I confused you :P
If I would buy a G-Sync monitor than probably the Acer XB271HU (IPS) even I dont tested it but the image quality will not differ that much compared to Asus, Viewsonic and AOC and within the Acer you have the best chance within all these monitors to avoid IPS glow or get a model with good glow conditions. BUT, if you buy IPS, you have to keep in mind that its pretty possible that you have send back "some" examples until you get one with minor glow... unfortunately. If you want TN, then I would pick the Asus PG278QR, even the Asus as same as the Acer XB271HUA has a very very matte panel coating. Within the Dell there exist a "small" fix which you can find here:

It helps, but it does not delete the banding problem within the Dell completely. Unfortunately I dont tested the fix, because Ive read about this fix after my review (or rather it was find out from someone after I had my model). If you want save the money within the price difference between the Dell and the Asus, then I would say try the Dell, try the fix and check out how much these color banding issues disturbs you. The Asus and Acer also has pixel inversion problems, but I couldnt find within the games that I played on them. But many people reports issues with pixel inversion. So I would not overclock to 165 Hz while this also makes more problems within pixel inversion and the difference between 144 and 165hz is like = 0. My personal favorite atm is the Eizo Foris FS2735, but it was a test exemplar from Eizo and probably a chosen one with minor IPS glow. So in the end, an IPS Panel with good glow conditions currently in my opinion is the best Monitor for pictura quality. I personally will probably wait for HDR direct led monitors (Asus / Acer) since I tested HDR and I really like it :O

I hope that helps... if you have further questions, just ask :) I have to go sleep now for a while, will check the forums tomorrow again. And thanks btw :)

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Thanks for taking the time and giving me some good advice.

I will probably buy the acer but Im not sure if I sohould buy the 4k version XB271HK I have a msg 1080ti gpu but Im not sure if any gpu is really ready for a smooth 4k experience.
Did you test any 4k monitors and do you think the sacrifice of fps is worth the higher resolution?

Did you review the Viewsonic XG2703 GS?


Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Did you review the Viewsonic XG2703 GS? . The Viewsonic is good, but has problems within the OSD menu, just check the review

Did you test any 4k monitors and do you think the sacrifice of fps is worth the higher resolution?
No I dont test on my channel, only saw a few 4k 27 Inch models, but since I used 120 hz / 144 hz I will never go back again to 60 Hz. Difference in sharpness exist, even on 27 Inch, but the difference is not that big like Full HD vs WQHD on 27 Inch. I definately would pick the 144 Hz model without any considerations. So no, I would never sacrifice FPS for a higher resolution. I even would preder Full HD on 120 + fps / hz compared to 60 fps / hz WQHD

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

So the list gets smaller its either asus PG279Q or acer XB271HU and im leaning more towards asus because of the aesthetics.
Yeah the Asus looks much better and has really a good design and build quality. The PROBLEM is the panel frame construction where bezels pushes against the panel which occurs in BLB mostly. This can differ in each individual unit and of course you can have also luck within the Asus. I had 5 Asus PG279Q models cause I just wanted to get one, all my models had a huge amount of blb and glow, unfortunately.

I also checked the upcoming HDR monitors but they are either 4k, without gsync or ultrawide I couldn't find any upcoming 27"-28" gsync monitors.
Yeah thats also something I really MISS. A WQHD HDR direct led monitor :( while 4k currently needs just to much power. The positive aspect within 4k is, you spend around 2000$ within this monitor... so its more "future proofed" against a WQHD model.... The price is insane, but 384 dimming zones as well, and this even beats even 5000$ TVs on the market. The quetion is just, how will IPS handle HDR compared to a Direct LED TV with VA, while HDR within TVS all VA panels wins CLEARLY :)

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Yes they all use AU Optronic panels, sometimes with different revisions (newer "models") :) Unfortunately I dont had experience with the AOC so I cannot say anything about this monitor sorry :( So I also cannot say how the panel frames are constructed. If you can save 200€ I would try the AOC of course. Otherwise just send back. But IPS atm is my favorite so far

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Hi Lim

It is time for me to buy a new monitor but i have no clue on which one i should get.

The gpu that i have is the R9 390 on a oc to 1130mhz. This is combined with a 6700k on 4ghz (not oc'd)

What i am looking for is a 1080p 144hz monitor but im not sure wether i should go for 24 inch or 27 inch because some people say it looks terrible due to strechted out pixels. (i sit about a arms length away from my screen)

Also should i really go for 1080p or is it better to go for 1440p?

I am mostly a gamer but i also do a bit of video editing and photoshopping etc for school. I would like to stay around 400 euro's if that is possible.

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Hey dude, I just took a look into the R9 390 benchmarks. Well with a 1440p Monitor you probably will not hit the 144 Hz in most games (depending on graphics settings) while within a 1080p monitor you would profite from. Im also using a 27 Inch Full HD for years now, and this is just a thing where we all can get used to. For me personally its ok. But if your interested in photoshopping and video editing a IPS panel would be the best way to go, the problem: no 144 Hz Full HD IPS panels on the market. So you have to decide

Fluetly gaming on 144 Hz (with proper settings) on Full HD
Less FPS (more motion blur) with better image quality and a better solution for video editing / photoshop?

If you dont want to upgrade your graphics card within the next 2-3 years, I would go with the TN 144 Hz on Full HD. If you will upgrade within the mentioned time I probably would pick the WQHD one.

For Full HD 27 Inch Freesync 144 Hz the

viewsonic xg2701
Acer XF270H
Iiyama G-Master GB2788HSU-B3
(all of them are good, depending on price in your country)

WQHD 27 Inch Freesync 144 Hz (I don't tested them but there is only a small choice)
Acer XF270HUA (but it costs 500€)

Or TN WQHD 27 Inch Freesync 144 Hz (also dont tested them currently)
AOC Agon AG271QX

In the same way, I think you can get used to 24 faster than you would think. In the time where I reviewed 6 x 24 Inch monitors, after 2 days I forgot how a 27 Inch panel looks like... :P

So in the end is the question: Sharpness vs Smoothness, what do you prefer ? :)

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Yes but like mentioned, even the cfg73 has reportings from other users with purple artifacts, so Its probably a lottery. If you can get one with no artifacts the Samsung is good. Two more disatvantages of the Samsung are the VA Glow (which Im talking about in the IPS vs Quantum Dot Vide) and smearing, which is VA typical (dark objects on dark backgrounds for example).

I mean you can give the CFG73 (CFG70) a chance and try it by yourself. I think I personally would go with the XG2401, but only because the VA glow still disturbs me :)

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Is IPS glow also that annoying? The thing that makes me doubt IPS is that i read A LOT about faulty screens and i happen to get lottery tickets to not getting warranties because something works well enough to not be able to return it. Also is 1440p overpriced u think and will it drop in price?

the Acer XF270HU having overdrive issue's according to a lot of people and the HUA* version is not available in my country. (if its different)

Asus MG278Q
Asus MG279Q
Or a 24 inch 1080p screen (also doubting between 27 or 24 for 1080p because people say its not that nice cus of the pixel density on 27)
are the choices but on the 1440p screens i just want to be pretty sure to get a good screen because i talked to a friend and i agreed that 500 euro's is a lot of money at the end of the day and if i wont be happy with the screen that would suck so much.

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Yes IPS Glow is pretty annoying, at least for me. I just had 1 IPS monitor with really minor glow and I really loved it. So, IPS is really good, but you need to have some luck, unfortunately. Ive never heard of problems within warranty or returnings within IPS panels? I also read about overdrive Issues within the XF270HU, some people says it works, some people says it doesnt, but I will see hopefully soon for myself. I dont had the Asus MG279Q
and the Asus MG278Q, so I cannot really tell much about them. What about the Benq XL2735? It dropped pretty much in the price (probably because of no g-sync / freesync) but with motion blur reduction. And with Blurbusters Strobe Utility ( you can also improve the backlight scanning function.

I really can understand of paying 500€ and not to be happy, thats shitty. But in the end you "need" to test by yourself while its pretty hard to say "whats better" when everyone has its own preferences etc. If you dont need adaptive sync (but you probably want freesync with R9 390) I would go with a freesync monitor. So in the end, I love IPS, but you will need some luck. If you dont want to join the lottery, pick TN and maybe the Asus MG278Q. But like mentioned, I dont tested them all yet

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

Hey there! I'm new to the forum. Ended up here from your awesome youtube reviews!
I want to share my experience with a couple of gaming monitors owned in these recent years.
Let me start by saying that in my opinion the best resolution for playing a large variety of games on a monitor by now is 2560x1440.
- It's really a noticeable improvement from full HD.
- 90% of games can benefit in 2K from 120/144hz with a 300/400€ videocard.
- 4K on a 24-27" monitor it's not a big deal considering the big loss in framerate.
- Ultrawide is not supported by the majority of games (maybe with mods that ends up in UI conflicts and strange screen behaviours).

I came from 2 x PG279Q and a PG348Q...all of these had very sad issues with backlight bleeding and yellow glowing. But the strange thing is that the bleed+glow appeared everytime after 1 hour of usage on both PG279Q's. Each time I switched on both monitors there was literally 0 backlight bleed and 0 glow! But after 1 hour, even with the room lit, the glow was terrific! So I had to return them!
A while ago I purchased an XB271HU wich had not the best white uniformity and the glow was present with minimal bleed but acceptable. I used it for 9 months and the bleed completely disappeared making the screen perfectly uniform when black.
Now that the temperatures are getting colder I can see the white glow in the corners (but not as strong as 9 months ago).
I'm 100% sure that these issues are temperature/time usage depending.
The thing is my Acer has a serious arcing problem with the power switch on the back (the one on the psu) plus the colors on my PG279Q were better and more vibrant.
Now I came across the Viewsonic XG2703-GS...i saw the review and I am almost convinced...should I pull the trigger?

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

:O I've never had differences in the Glow when the monitor was warm or cool - Before I do measurements etc I still leave the monitor on for around 1hour. But it's really interesting. As soon I finally will have an IPS panel I will make a photo with the same camera and monitor settings to compare.
The XG2703-GS is really not bad, but I don't know if it's really worth to switch from the Acer to the Viewsonic :O What exactly do you mean with "arcing problem"? Did you adjust the color temperature? It could be so that the PG279Q had a warmer native color temperature, where colors are a bit more vibrant, compared to a cooler color temperature. I don't think that the Viewsonic will differ that much from the Acer / Asus in picture Quality since they all use the same panel from AU-Optronics. They maybe differ within contrast (around 200:1) like each individual unit will.

If you cannot deal with your Acers Glow, which changes after 9 months, first I would try to contact the reseller :P

Re: The road to the perfect monitor

The problem with the XB271HU is that the back power button when switched off does a loud electric sound with a spark. it's electrical arcing and it can cause serious troubles. I can say that the materials used to build the monitor are not the best. Acer support just sad that they need to change the entire unit, and that will lead to the same lottery.
So since I wasn't happy with the colours and the materials I was considering the Viewsonic.
For what I've seen even after calibration, the PG279Q had very punchy colors in comparison with the Acer, maybe because the screen was brighter at the same brightness?
I can't believe there is no G-Sync monitor with good colours and blacks on the market in these days.
I purchased a CFG70 to my girlfriend and it's fantastic! But it's a Freesync monitor :(

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