New monitor - and using the actual monitor as a second one


first, sorry for any mistakes, English isn't my native language.

At the moment I use a 22" LG W2242T.
1650 x 1080
IPS Panel
Great monitor IMO, good colors, absolutly no problems with games (fast ego-shooter like Doom included)

However, I learned to like the usage of a second monitor on work. It would come in handy sometimes at home too.
And there are new technologies like 144 HZ.
And I could buy a monitor that is a little bigger then my actual one.
3 positive aspects, but every one of them not that huge of an advantage - but combined? Seems like a decent choice.
That's why I am wondering if buying a second monitor - and "upgrading" the 22 LG - is a good decision.
The new monitor shall became the main monitor and my LG will be used as a second monitor.

My system:
GTX 970 (Display Port Avaiable)
16 GB Ram
Xeon E3-1230v3, 3,30 GHZ

What I do:
Gaming, surfing the Internet, sometimes watching videos (but not that much), some "normal" work with word / excel.
I do not work with Design / Photoediting or something like that.

Gaming: I play lots of different games:
Egoshooter like Doom, UT, Borderlands, Bioshok...
RPGs like The Witcher 3, Divinity Original Sin...
RTS like Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3...
Other games like Diablo 3, Life is Strange, Gone Home, X-Com...

Mostly I play Singleplayer. I do not play competitive FPS.

-> I do not need "perfect" colours for professional use and I do not need "perfect" response time
However, I want a "good" quality because I do not want a worse quality like my actual IPS monitor. And the monitor needs to be good for fast Ego-Shooter too.
(Yeah, I am difficult, I know...)

I am sitting 80cm - 1m away from the monitor, that's why I do not want a monitor that is too big.

I was thinking about
Full HD, that is 1920 * 1080, 24''
144HZ (admittedly, I have no idea if this is really "better" then my 60HZ now. And "everybody" says it is better, has a better "flow" in games, whatever...)
(I do not need sound on my monitor, in fact I even prefer not to. Makes the monitor heavier and you have to pay for it. Since I will never use it anyway, I am better off with no sound.)

Price: I was thinking something like 250 Euro.
If there is a reason to spent 350 or 400 (like: Ok, 250 Euro will result in an ok monitor, however, with 100 Euro more the monitor will become way better and should definitly be spent if possible) that's ok.

First I wanted an IPS Panel again, but then I realized there is no IPS with 144 HZ. And just spending 200 Euro for a second monitor with 60HZ again, which is practically the same as my actual monitor (just with 24'# instead of 22'')? I don't know if that would be worth it.

A TN Panel seems great for competitive gaming, but I am quite shy about the quality. I doubt I would be too happy with this, because it seems like the quality of the picture will be much worse then on my IPS panel now.

Then I came to a VA Panel.

Samsung C24FG73
MSI Optix G24C, 23.6"
(there are several more, but you get my meaning)

I am a little insecure about the curved thing - but I can adapt, I think I could learn to like it.

They all have 144HZ, 24'' with 1920*1080
They should be fast enough for FPS (remember, my actual LG has an IPS panel, the specifics say 5ms, works perfectly fine for me), shouldn't they?

What do you say to a VA panel?
Good choice for what I need?
Which one is "better"?
The AOC is 50 Euro less, but is the Samsung a better choice?
(Or in other words: If both would cost exactly the same, which one to take? Because 50 Euro don't seem important for a monitor I'll use for several years.)
Is 144HZ really better then the old 60HZ or is it just something you print on a description because it looks nice - but has no real value in gaming and most user won't feel any difference?

Thank you for reading all of the above. Sorry for the long post, I wanted to give all the information that seems important.
And I'd like to thank everybdoy for any help in advance!

Re: New monitor - and using the actual monitor as a second one

Hey buddy, sorry for my late response. Here we go... :)

With your system, I definitely would not pick WQHD with 144hz. (maybe WQHD @ 60 or 75hz if resolution is preferred over 144hz)
Gaming, surfing the Internet, sometimes watching videos (but not that much), some "normal" work with word / excel.
IPS is a better allrounder. But there is only one 144hz ips 1080p panel yet (Asus VG279Q)
Mostly I play Singleplayer. I do not play competitive FPS.
Then pick IPS over TN (in my opinion) definitely worth it. Or even VA, but IPS is better for browsing and has overall a better image quality except in a pitch black room combined with DARK image content (like alan wake for example).
Price: I was thinking something like 250 Euro
Maybe then the Samsung CFG73... but if you only play casual and you do not need necessarily 144hz, maybe go with 60/75Hz IPS. Just I cannot recommend anything since I didnt test any tbh (I believe in the future of 144hz, and for me this is better than everything else)
What do you say to a VA panel?
I like it, especially Samsung. What I hate most @ VA panels is the VA Glow aka color shift in viewing angles. For singleplayer games, I would probably prefer the Samsung over TN. But it is even for me a hard decision lol. Sometimes the Samsungs smearing (black to grey response time) also is bothering (for example in the game walking dead with thick black lines).

So depending on your preferences. VA has more eye strain for casual work and the Samsung has text inversion (not unsharp but faulty text font).

Hope it helps, otherwise, just post :)

Re: New monitor - and using the actual monitor as a second one

Thank you very much, you helped me a lot!

I am undecided between the Samsung CFG73 (which sounds quite good, if it was not for the Text Inversion).
Or not buying anything at all and just staying with the monitor I have atm.

I definitly discarded TN panel.

I'll try to find a CFG73 "in action", that I can take a look at the text inversion.

Should the text seem "unsharp" to me the monitor will be useless for me. Yeah, I use it a lot for gaming, but I browse the Internet too. And I need a clear text that can be read without being fuzzy and giving me headaches...

Re: New monitor - and using the actual monitor as a second one


Re: New monitor - and using the actual monitor as a second one


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