Used monitor advice about IPS Glow.

Hello Lim's community. I am about to buy a used Asus MG279Q but i firstly asked the seller to provide me some pictures to see how it performs with the ips glow. Here is what he sent me. Those are taken with a camera on 2500 ISO setting. I believe there is no backlight bleed since every glow on the screen changes with the different angle. It must be IPS Glow right? I also think it's a bit too much in these photos. But i don't know if the ISO is high, and if he lowers a bit it would look better. What do you guys think? I am about to save around 160€ if i buy this instead of a new one (1 year used, 2 years warranty remaining). Is it worth it? Or better try my luck with a brand new Acer XF270HUA from amazon?

Re: Used monitor advice about IPS Glow.

Hey, its VERY hard to see the IPS glow on camera. Only the ISO will not tell you how good the IPS glow is.

- Shutter speed
- sensor size
- f or t stops
- and the lens
(+ viewing angle, + distance to the monitor + monitor brightness settings)

also is important to know. The next problem is, that the black level/glow will look different on each monitor (TN / IPS / VA / OLED). In general, the Glow on camera looks worse compared to "in person". The ISO 250 is LOW (200 mostly is lowest). A little "trick" is to look at other illuminated stuff like his pc. We can see that his pc or mouse RGB illumination is not much overexposed, so the glow on this picture probably look pretty close to this what you will see in person (maybe a bit worse on camera, you have to ask him) and also ask him which brightness settings he uses. While I personally use around 120 cd/m2 the Glow, of course, is much less noticeable (OSD mostly around 18-24). So if he uses something like 80 (+300 cd/m2) it's logical that the glow on his monitor looks worse. It's pretty risky and hard to say. Ask him how the Glow on his photos look compared to that what he sees in person. On his photos, I can see a bit backlight bleeding, but on camera usually, you can see this also a bit better

Re: Used monitor advice about IPS Glow.

First of all thank you for the comprehensive response. I asked him to provide some pictures with 200 iso (he used 2500 in his photos which is very much compared to what you are suggesting). And also i asked him for the brightness settings. If it's that bad i should probably go for a new one and enter the lottery. I am also kinda interested in Asus PG27VQ if it really has Quantum Dot and comes to a release soon. LG 32" also seems very good, but i think i would prefer the 27" for the higher ppi and clarity. But let's wait for his response first.

EDIT: Oh he just replied. Sent photos with ISO 200, brightness set to 90 (LOL). So what do you think?

Re: Used monitor advice about IPS Glow.

He doesn't have much knowledge from what i understand about IPS Glow and Backlight Bleed. He said when he sent me the first pictures that it definitely doesn't look like this in person. But i guess you are right. Better buy something new and be ready to return it if something goes wrong. I will also wait your future reviews to see if LG 32" and Asus PG27VQ is any good and within my budget. Thank you for the help! :)

Re: Used monitor advice about IPS Glow.

lim wrote:
14 Sep 2017, 18:38
That's a good idea, I will review both for sure. Maye he just told you that he doesn't have knowledge and in reality, he has :P
Who knows. That's also possible. Anyway i am not going to buy it from him. Right now i am considering buying Acer XF270HUA from I live in Greece so the final cost will be around 550€ which i believe is a good price for this monitor. I believe neither of the monitors mentioned above (even the XG32VQ from Asus) will be near this price point. So should i proceed? Also since you are from Germany too, do you know about this shop? I haven't ever bought something from there. My other choice is to buy from amazon and have the 30-day guarantee, but that means 50-60€ more.

Re: Used monitor advice about IPS Glow.

lim wrote:
15 Sep 2017, 20:59
Yes, I know Caseking pretty well. In Germany its a well known and good shop :) So if you don't want to wait, you can go for the Acer. But how much would it cost to send a monitor back to Germany when the monitor will have some issues?
No idea. But I guess caseking would take responsibility for the return cost if it is about RMA, right? At least I know amazon would do the same. I sent them an email yesterday but still no reply.

On the other hand, I don't think waiting will do me any good. I believe the announced monitors will be much more expensive than my budget (max 600 euros).

Re: Used monitor advice about IPS Glow.

I am quite unlucky this time... The monitor is on its way to my country and at the same time one shop at my country has a deal in Samsung CHG70 27" at 500€. If i have seen this at this price point i would definitely pick that over XF270HUA to avoid the QC issues and also for some extra specs it offers (don't really care about HDR at this point). Anyway i will see how the Acer does and if there are problems with it i may return it and get a refund to buy the Samsung.

Re: Used monitor advice about IPS Glow.

lim wrote:
19 Sep 2017, 20:06
Oh damn. Well, I think I still would prefer the Acer (if the IPS Glow is tolerable) Since you've already ordered just try the Acer out, so you have made the experience with it :) I hope you get a good model! But then the decision will be hard for you probably against the CHG70 in 27"
If Acer is good I will probably keep it. The only thing I will miss from this compared to the Samsung are the response times and the deep blacks. But then I will have better text clarity, as Samsung according to you and many other reviewers has serious problems with text inversion. Oh yes, I will also lose the crappy hdr :P. I don't think I am missing anything else, do I?

I think I value text clarity more than good response times (I even play competitive games like rainbow six and rocket league). About the blacks, well okay I mostly watch movies at my TV so not a big deal I would like to hope.

According to the colors, which one did you like the most? IPS or VA with quantum dot?

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