New monitor.. .But which one?

Hey guys, hey lim,

so i recently stumbled over your videos, great job on the monitor reviews.
I´m looking for a new monitor with the following specs:

So there are a few options i found, but they all have some weaknesses and i do not know, what i should go for....
First of all IPS or TN?
I would like to go for IPS, but since there is a good chance you get insane glow i do not really care going TN instead.
Curved or no?
I really like the curved design, so if possible curved, but its ok not to go curved.
Pricerange max: arround 800 (Cheaper is good tho)
Mainly used for gaming

I will list the monitors i have to decide between:
AsusROG Swift PG279Q
Acer Predator XB271HU

Dell S2716DG (More Glossy panel, but color banding)
AsusROG Swift PG27VQ (exreme Coating, high price but nice specs and curved)
AsusROG Swift PG278QR(extreme coating, not curved, still high price)
Acer Predator XB271HUA
Acer Predator Z1 Z271U

So i am really concerned about stuff like extreme glow, panel lottery, color banding and for some of the listed monitors the extreme coating.
Can u help me out with my decision?
I am not really sure where to go....

Re: New monitor.. .But which one?

Hey buddy,

There is no IPS with 1 ms - TN is the fastest possible panel (after plasma and OLED :P)

Curved + TN is not optimin (more clouding usually)

The best TN 1440p 144hz probably is the PG278QR. The Dell S2716DG overall is also not bad, but it, unfortunately, has color banding, not really good contrast and overdrive settings.

The Asus has a very matte panel coating.

The PG279Q is not reecommendet since the IPS Glow lottery on this particular panel is huge (due to the panel frame)

In games, the PG278QRs coating is not that bad as on windows or browsing tbh. I would pick the Asus probably over the Dell and get used to the super matte panel coating. But I wouldnt keep any of them for ME (personally) so I picked IPS (Viewsonic XG2703-GS on black friday) Alternatively I would pick the XB271HU

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