Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

All measuring datas from the Eizo Foris FS2735 review. Suggestions, questions, critism, and new ideas? Post them in here.

Very important to the topic "the optimal OSD settings".
https://limscave.com/viewtopic.php?f=8& ... 4a485789ce

Measured contrast, brightness and black point


Measurements presets



Measurement on optimal Settings




Measurement calibrated



UFO Testscreen:

Ufotest: https://limscave.de/media/eizo_fs2735/m ... fotest.jpg

Crosstalk: https://limscave.de/media/eizo_fs2735/m ... sstalk.jpg

Backlight Strobing:




Review Updates:

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Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

Hey Lim, ich kann zwar besser Deutsch, aber im Englischen Forum schreibe ich jetzt halt auf Englisch. =)

So, I bought an Eizo FS2735 last week and I'm a little bit disappointed. While the bright content looks beautiful on this monitor, the black levels and BLB are frustrating in the dark room.
I made some pictures of it and compared to my old Samsung P2770H... It's a degradation and I could live with it, but this yellow "shade" always takes my attention. What do you think? Should I try to exchange the monitor or should I keep it? Or should I bring it back and buy an VA panel? It's so hard to decide.

FS2735 Darker Photo
FS2735 Brighter Photo
Samsung P2770H Darker
Samsung P2770H Brighter

Photos taken from a distance of ~80cm - 1m

Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

Hmm, the lower right panel side looks a bit bad. Which brightness do you use? Do you have the same "glow" in the lower right area when sitting straight in front of the Eizo? (or rather adjust a bit in height?) I also wanted to purchase an Eizo Foris FS2735 for myself soon.... So since The Eizo I've reviewed was a test exemplary, I'm still hoping to get good IPS Glow conditions (compared to the Asus/Acer etc). My unit from Eizo doesn't have had a brown Glow on all corners, while the blue/white Glow is less visible. Hmm, for this price tag I probably would send the monitor back. I mean for nearly 1000 Euro I have a clear expectation. I mean, 80 cm is pretty far away. I hope I will not regret to send the Acer xf270hua back

With a VA Panel, you will have VA Glow of course. While the VA Glow on the CHG70 was ok/good, the VA Glow on the HP omen is horrendous for example. And the Glow on the CFG70 is very good visible for dark image content in a dark room.

To evaluate within photos is really very difficult, would you say that your photos look as same as in person? My current Acer (XF2701) has less glow when I compare with your photos :O

Edit: When I make a photo with my smartphone of the Acer, the Glow look much worse compared to your photos.

Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

I wrote to Eizo support about the glow. They will give an answer next week.

On my photos it looks a bit worse compared to real life. I don't see the glow on the upper right corner and almost no glow at the bottom left corner. But the bottom right corner is pretty good visible on the black screen or dark content.

Another strange thing: I always have a feeling, that my eyes get tired much faster than on my old TN monitor. Maybe I need more time for adaptation...

Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

Another strange thing: I always have a feeling, that my eyes get tired much faster than on my old TN monitor. Maybe I need more time for adaptation...
Oh, I assume strongly that this is because of the higher contrast. The lower right IPS glow in general is on all monitors more visible compared to other corners (except the PG279Q lol)

How good can you see the Glow while watching a 16:9 movie for example? If it's only a little bit visible, then It should be ok (at least for me). If it's very good visible (on darker image content like some sci-fi movie) even when not looking directly into the corner, and this disturbs, I would change the monitor, probably. It's super hard to evaluate IPS glow through the internet :) I'm curious what Eizo will answer you

Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

The Showdown.
I made a third test with "fresh" brain and a second person in my room. We came to conclusion, that there is actually no BLB.
All the time it was just the IPS glow. I have to admit, that I never used an IPS monitor at home before. Maybe that's the reason, why I felt disturbed with it.
I shot some new photos, one of them from 2 meters distance. That's my position, when I watch films.... and there is nothing to complain about.
User Profile 1| 2m | 80% Brightness
Adjusting the monitor a bit higher also reduces the brown glow at the bottom-right corner. But then there is a little bit more glow on the upper corners.

[Update] I noticed another strange thing. The glow gets more noticeable after an hour of work... I ask me, if it still could be better on another panel?
User Profile 1| 80cm | 80% Brightness
User Profile 1| 80cm | 80% Brightness

P.S. The answer from EIZO support is just glorious. The photos I sent him before were made from this test! What should I write him now? xD

Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

Hmm, they asked if a black screen is uniform? Do you see the Glow in a bright room? If so, then I would send the monitor back. 80% Brightness is around 170-190 cd/m2 where the IPS glow shouldn't be that much visible like on your test images. If it's your first IPS monitor then, of course, it's pretty hard to say how "good" the IPS glow is (average, exaggerated or very good...). If you want to be sure. Particular this image https://www.dropbox.com/s/xwkdgj4gv4vb0 ... 0.JPG?dl=0 looks pretty bad to be honest, especially within this bright room to be honest. But its really hard to say on photos. If you want to be 100% sure and you have enough budget, then send the Eizo back and order a new unit + an Acer XF270HUA for example. Then you also can check if it's worth to save around 450 Euros compared to the Eizo, while I think the Eizo is still a bit better whereas the Acer is the price performance, king probably. At least in my current experience

Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

Even for me it's very hard to evaluate the glow strength. There are so many factors... daylight, lamps, reflections, darkness, sitting position and distance. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't.
Today I decided, that I could live with it now. But still, I wonder if it could be better. Maybe I will visit the Eizo Headquarters near Zurich and test some monitors in their showroom. We'll see.

For now, the biggest disappointment for me is a very bad blur reduction. It's just awful. I wish, they would make a firmware update and repair it, or at least give us a tool to adjust the strobbing, like on Benq monitors. I really like the sharp look of old CRT monitors and I even thought to buy a Sony GDW FW900... but they are hard to find. =) Unfortunately I realized way to late, that I could order 2 monitors and send one of them back. FS2735 or XB271HU. ULMB seems to work very well and could make me happy, but 14 days are gone and I probably couldn't send the monitor back anymore.

Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

Even for me it's very hard to evaluate the glow strength
I totally can understand, in the beginning, I also had problems to evaluate the glow. And the only one solution probably is just to make your own experience with different models/units
or at least give us a tool to adjust the strobbing, like on Benq monitors.
Oh yeah, that would be really awesome.... :O
but 14 days are gone and I probably couldn't send the monitor back anymore.
Oh okay. Well if you will visit Eizos Headquarters, let me know :P Sounds awesome. I really want a post-production monitor from Eizo, but they are just too expensive for me right now ;P So I assume that you will keep the Eizo for now. If it does not disturb you, and you come from a TN panel, then the glow should be pretty good (I think). While when I switched from TN to the PG279Q it was pretty horrible (and I had 5 units). Couldn't deal with the Asus glow in any way

Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

lim wrote:
22 Jan 2018, 21:36
Hey mate,

seems pretty average, but it is really hard to tell on photos in general. I assume that you have had already other IPS monitors?

How does the Glow from the photo look in person compared to this photo?

I don't think that this is an Amazon issue and I also think that I had also a golden sample... I'm feeling with you :O
Okay to be really straight with the common people.

I can watch a dark sci-fi movie, in a dark room, and yes compare to Acer / Predator / ASUS PG, it is the best pannel i've test in this category of monitor.

It's the malediction of the IPS Panel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story. But i can survive to it.

PS : From some hours of running, credit card tricks and massage with microfiber, the ips glow has been drasticly reduce

Re: Eizo Foris FS2735 Review + measuring data

I just started a war!

My monitor was near 1 month in the service center (19.12.17 - 10.01.18). I even sent them an E-Mail with a description of my both issues and some good photos. 1.) Dead subpixel. 2.) Backlight bleed.
Now, the monitor came back with a following status: "Endurance test > No defects found"
I have only one question: "Are they ****ing blind?" I sent them photos of both issues, how could they ignore everything? But the best part comes right now. They didn't perform the endurance test at all. Eizo has an hour-counter in it. The number of hours was identical, like before RMA. That blew me away!

I wrote a second, angry E-Mail. =D They promised to look into the case and what went wrong... Over one week is over, no reply.
After another angry phone call, I received a call from Eizo. They excused and said that they will pick-up my monitor again...
The ice is finally moving. Stay tuned.

P.S. My factory settings were: R: 97 G: 97 B: 100 That means, that Eizo calibrates every display. Nice. I set Blue to 97, because I like it a bit warmer.

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