(Not FINISHED yet) Dell S2716DG Review + Update with new measuring data

Unfortunately, lost measuring data etc. But heres an important info about
Review here: https://www.limscave.com/dell-s2716dg

Youtube Review

1. color banding
Dell S2716DG: https://limscave.de/media/limscave/norm ... anding.jpg
Some Dell IPS Panel: https://limscave.de/media/limscave/norm ... nding2.jpg
Grayscale: https://limscave.de/media/dell_s2716dg/ ... rlauf1.jpg

How to fix?
1. Set gamma a bit lower (does only help a bit)
2. Within color banding you can try this

Nvidia control panel > Resolution -> RGB set to limited (then colors are grey & milky)
then put digital color vibrance a bit "higher"

2. text ghosting
Text ghosting occurs when you set your overdrive function to extreme. That's why I don't perceived this issue, while I set the overdrive function to "normal" after I tested it with the Ufo-Test and the overdrive setting shows bad results.

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