AOC Agon AG322QCX Review + Measuring Data

This is the second of one more upcoming WHQD 144 Hz Monitors
CHG70 Review: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=100
Philips (not yet released)

All measuring datas from the AOC AG322QCX in 31.5" review. Suggestions, questions, critism, and new ideas? Post them in here.

ICC Profile here: (adding soon have it on my Laptop)
Note: I would not recommend to use an ICC profile from another person. It can help, but It also can downgrade your image quality. The Samsung already has good settings out of the box. Just set your color temperature to your FAVORITE. If you want a "darker" gama value, then you also can just change within the OSD, which is more recomennded compared to changes within the graphics cards settings

Very important to the topic "the optimal OSD settings".
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YouTube Review

YouTube Unboxing
I accidentally deleted the unboxing video.... :shock:

Measured contrast, brightness and black point


Measurements presets



Measurement on optimal Settings




Measurement calibrated



UFO Testscreen / Scrolling Text Test / Chase Square Test / Eiffel Tower Test:

Ufotest: ... fotest.jpg

Scrolling text (Very Good): ... ngtext.jpg

Text-Inversion problem: ... rsion1.jpg

Text-Inversion problem: ... rsion2.jpg

Chase square: ... quare1.jpg

Chase square (VA Smearing): ... quare2.jpg

Eiffel Tower: ... ltower.jpg

sRGB: ... s/srgb.png


Luminance homogeneity: ... hthomo.png

Whitepoint homogeneity: ... orhomo.png

Review Updates:

1. Humming issues can be solved while setting the monitor volume to "0". So its not really longer a "real" disatvantage. Thanks to Mokkatomic @YouTube

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