Freesync Tournament Ranking Overview

Freesync Tournament "Ranking"
Here you see an overview for the Freesync 144 Hz Monitor Tournament. Differences in some cases are really very slightly. Currently the winner with the best image quality is the LG. BUT: It also depends on the price in your country.
For example: If the LG costs 300€ and the Iiyama 250€, you can easily go with the Iiyama - The Iiyama still is a very good choise.

More Infos:
- No differences in viewing angles and coating
- Differences in color banding is absolutely very slightly, in games you wouldnt almost see a difference, even in a 1:1 comparison!
- Differences in overdrive settings also are not a big deal. While in a ufo test you can see the difference pretty clearly, its hard to see a difference in a game
- List will be updated after the last two reviews will be uploaded

Further quetions? Just ask :)


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