Re: LG 24GM79G Review + Measuring Data / Optimal Settings and ICC Profile

something seems off - maybe thats normal and i am just not used to stuff looking as "ugly" as this or its the monitor - or i was not really thinking when buying a tn panel cuz thats normal.
You have to describe what you mean with something seems off :P I mean IPS still is superior and has the best image quality in monitors for now on PC's
this is popular monitor and lot of people buy it because your review (i read on other forums).
And u said that this monitor have best colors and picture quality? Than i feel sorry for Samsung, Asus, Benq, etc.
If you still have this monitor can you look at it one more time?
The Viewsonic is a little bit better just that the Viewsonic does not have backlight strobing. So I am recommending the Viewsonic mostly, and the LG when someone really wants backlight strobing. The Asus is clearly the worst of all I have tested. I do not own the LG anymore but I am really wondering what you say that your old Samsung has a better look - but since you have said that the monitor looks better now after adding color vibrancy I am somehow assuming that the Samsung has off-color saturation settings. The more color vibrancy you add, the worse your color dynamic range will be but colors of course then are more intense

Re: LG 24GM79G Review + Measuring Data / Optimal Settings and ICC Profile


color in the sky shifts from color to color and u see clear distinctive lines between them- in the screenshot i provided - but since i asked around that seems to be normal for tn panels and 6bit frc panels.

i can make it better by leaving gamma settings in nvidia control panel alone - the gradient lagom test makes it better too but colors have a yellowish tint to it when it goes into the more grey parts.

btw lim - just to clarify your settings as one on the previous page probably missunderstood - or i did.

brightness settings to 40 and the 4 is for the gamma mode right? - and did u do your optimal settings thing with lg 1ms thingy on or off?

i know monitors are different per unit and getting "correct" settings is a personal thing. just want it to be clarified ;)

Re: LG 24GM79G Review + Measuring Data / Optimal Settings and ICC Profile

but colors have a yellowish tint to it when it goes into the more grey parts
This is just color accuracy which is of course mostly not great within TN panels and this also can vary a bit in each unit but mostly not by far.

brightness settings to 40 and the 4 is for the gamma mode right? - and did u do your optimal settings thing with lg 1ms thingy on or off?
I had set brightness to 4 and gamma mode to 4 yes

it would be nice to go into a bit of detail on the gamma calibration outside of the osd - not only for this monitor but in general for all monitors - only if u did it of course
Yes, this is not a bad idea but also not really easy to hit "perfect" gamma 2.2 (in the center of the screen) without a hardware device. The Gamma value also differs from TN / IPS / VA. While a TN still will have a more dynamic range in darker grey steps and less in brighter on gamma 2.2 than IPS and especially VA - So in the end this is also something which is combined with a touch of "personal preference"

Re: LG 24GM79G Review + Measuring Data / Optimal Settings and ICC Profile

yea i know - u could probably just put it in your articles when u test a monitor and declare it as such "with my unit i had to do +0.63 gamma" in the nvidia / radeon control panel" but remember - it is for my unit and can be different for yours.

u would clarify it again for the beginner who actually reads it and also give an indication what u had to do to get _your_ prefered settings.

anyway i think i found my personel "good" settings - the color bending after some tweaks is a lot better (only took me a week) :D had to do some nvidia gamma changes too cuz only the osd settings where not satisfying.

good monitor after the calibration. the bezel could be a bit smaller but thats just nagging.

Re: LG 24GM79G Review + Measuring Data / Optimal Settings and ICC Profile

Sorry for my late response.

I would pick the 2401 (if you can deal with its design) The LG has a bit of black crush lottery, otherwise a very good monitor...

I didnt test the 02 Version but ppl reported that it is worse than the older version ( except of its design obviously). With the AOC I also do not really have much information, just that the contrast in general is weaker

Re: LG 24GM79G Review + Measuring Data / Optimal Settings and ICC Profile


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