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Asus MG248Q Review
by Lim, June 23, 2017 2:00 pm

TOURNAMENT: Asus MG248Q - What's in the little Asus? How good is it compared to the 5 other adversaries?



Already a bit longer on the market, the Asus MG248Q is still a popular monitor when it comes to 144 Hz full HD monitors. But how well will it pass the test? I found some disadvantages, especially when we compare the Asus MG248Q against the Iiyama, LG, or even the Viewsonic. The question is, will the advantages compensate the disadvantages? In the end, every one of us has its own preferences. The Asus definitely has the best build quality in this particular tournament. In the video review, you will find out everything about the Asus.

Updates and new information around the Asus MG248Q can be found at the bottom of the article or in the table of contents (if available). Also available within the forum (click here).


Panel type TN
Backlight EDGE LED / W-LED / Blue-Light Filter
Display size and Aaspect ratio 24 Inch - 16:9
Max. resolution 1920x1080 (Full HD)
Pixel density 91,79 (Pixels per inch)
Refresh rate 144 Hz native
Native color depth and color space 6-bit + FRC, 99% sRGB
Response time (GtG) 1 Ms
Brightness 350cd/m2
Integrated speakers Yes 2 x 2 Watt
Video inputs 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x DP 1.2, 1x DVI-D dual link
Audio 3.5mm headphone In and Out
USB Hub No
Power consumption < 65W
24" Panel dimensions WxHxD without footstand 561 x 329,1 x 50,45 mm
Frame width 9 mm
Weight ? Kg
Guarantee 3 Years
Ergonomics Tilt, height, pivot, sviwel
Adaptive Sync Freesync
Free-Sync Range 45-144 Hz
Contrast (Nativ) 1000:1
Vesa Yes 100mm
Curved No


Alternative 144 / 165Hz Full-HD (1920x1080) TN monitors to the Asus MG248Q:

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Find the Asus MG248Q here: Buy on Amazon


With Freesync:
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YouTube Video Review



YouTube Video Unboxing


Measurement data

Contrast, Brightness, and Black Point:


Presets and Measurements:


Measurements with optimal settings (without calibration):


Measurements after calibration:


Ufo-Test images / Text-Scrolling / Chase-Square test / Eiffeltower-Test





Review Updates
Currenty no updates.



Comparison Charts

Maximum brightness in cd/m2
Samsung S25HG50
Asus MG248Q
LG 24GM79G
Iiyama GB2488HSU-B3
Viewsonic XG2401

Maximum contrast x:1
Viewsonic XG2401
LG 24GM79G
Iiyama GB2488HSU-B3
Samsung S25HG50
Asus MG248Q

Black point with optimal settings (120 cd/m2 , 6500K)
LG 24GM79G
Viewsonic XG2401
Iiyama GB2488HSU-B3
Samsung S25HG50
Asus MG248Q



Pros & Cons



- No color temperature artifacts (a bit of red, which are the less visible than green or blue color temperature artifacts in which the most Full HD 1080p, 144 Hz TN panels suffer)
- Freesync with a range from 48-144 Hz + Freesync works great
- Excellent (best) build quality and a beautiful design
- Own settings are saved within presets + 2 Favorites
- Excellent foot stand & cable management
- Easy OSD overview and navigation
- NVIDIA 3D Vision support



- Included is a "Display Widget" software to manage settings within the Asus software (nothing special, it's an OSD menu as a software app)
- A bit washed out colors without gamma setting changes within graphics card software or hardware calibration
- No backlight strobing feature
- No black equalizer
- No USB hub
- Build in speakers



- Not the best blacks. A bit grayish. Blacks are pretty important and giving better colors, contrast and improving the overall image quality)
- A "small" pixel inversion Problem @144 Hz (horizontal scan lines, by far not that noticeable like on the Asus PG348Q or the Samsung CHG70 for example)
- Not that good overdrive settings as on WQHD G-Sync models or other Full HD Freesync alternatives. However, the difference in games is pretty slightly whereas the difference within test images is much more visible
- No gamma settings


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