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by Lim, March 28, 2018 12:00 pm


Yes, the Acer X34P is an absolutely recommended ultrawide curved high refresh rate gaming monitor and as we all know, there is nothing better yet to enjoy games like Witcher 3, World of Warcraft, Dark Souls III and so on. And yes, this monitor is not perfect and it also has its own disadvantages which are mentioned in this review and you cannot expect the image quality from a higher end TV in a gaming monitor yet, without direct LEDs or local dimming(!). The Acer Predator X34P has built in the same panel as the previous reviewed Alienware AW3418DW - A native 100Hz IPS panel with the ability to overclock to 120Hz. Sounds fantastic right? Indeed, it is. The X34P offers a 4ms response time panel, a maximum brightness peak of 300 cd/m2G-Sync with a range of 30-120Hz, a 3440 x 1440 (Ultrawide-QHD) resolution on 34 Inch with a PPI (Pixels per Inch) of 109.68,  a curved panel with 1900R (radius),  and a contrast ratio of around 1000:1.
With its 8-Bit + FRC panel, the Acer X34P has a
  • color gamut coverage of 98,3% sRGB; 72,2% Adobe RGB; 76,4% DCI-P3
  • and a color gamut volume of 108% sRGB; 74,4% Adobe RGB; 76,5% DCI-P3

Usually, I do not mention this while mostly all monitor speakers are not working well but the built-in speakers of the Acer X34P are probably the best-integrated speakers I saw in a gaming monitor so far. Keep in mind that they will NOT replace a good (or even a cheaper) 2.0 audio system. Its IPS panel ensures great viewing angles for brighter image content, whereas viewing angles in dark image content (dark sci-fi or horror titles like The Evin Within) are not really good. This, however, is something which appears to currently ALL gaming monitors while we are still waiting for local dimming or rather direct led solutions.



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Ambient Light

Acer is offering in their Predator X34P RGB LED's called Ambient Light in the OSD Menu. For this 10 LEDs are built in on the lower edge so that these RGB's illuminate your desk. You can choose between 7 colors (Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Mint Status, and Screen Color) and between 4 different Lighting Styles (Fixed, Breathing, Flashing, Ripple).


Check Price for the Acer Predator X34P

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Deviations in gaming monitors measurement results

There is one thing you strongly(!) should keep in mind. Individual units will differentiate in terms of nearly all aspects of a gaming monitor, especially in measurement results. This means, that one unit can have a contrast ratio of around 800:1 while another unit can have a contrast ratio around + 1100:1. Gaming monitors and PC monitors, in general, differentiate in terms of
  • Gamma settings
  • Contrast
  • Native sharpness settings
  • Max brightness
  • Response time (overdrive settings)
  • Pixel inversion and many more.
Why I'm telling you this? Simply because of two reasons. If you are buying a monitor, you should compare different measurement results and buying/not buying a monitor because of one result. Sometimes, monitor manufacturers also send their golden (quality controlled) exemplary to big review sites so that these monitors can have better results. To cover and bypass this "issue", my goal for the future is to review 3 same models (3 different units) to find out what the average customer will get. For this, I still have to grow but as soon I will have this opportunity, this is something I definitely will cover.
The Acers X34P built quality is good and better than average but nothing really special. The stand itself is made out of metal. on the lower front bezel, the X34P has a structure printed in it which reminds me of a "racing" design. On the back, the Acer has a brushed aluminum look on the top and again these printed structures on the bottom. As always, the design is simply personal taste. My current favorite design in GAMING monitors is the Eizo Foris FS2735 (and I love its foot stand). 
Acer X34P Review - Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
The Acer X34P has a curvature of 1900R which is twice as much as the Asus PG348Q or the Acer X34A. Combined with this, the Acer X34P offers fewer IPS glow issues. A better immersive gameplay experience with a better image quality, especially in dark.
Note / Information:
Ratings have been removed. In near future I will add comparisons (Rankings) - This will have two huge benefits. First: You will be able to compare a monitor within each topic (Coating, Black level, Black uniformity, VA Glow, Panel Frame Construction etc.) to find the best gaming monitor to for your personal preferences and second I can concentrate on much more reviews.




  • Some people in different forums have micro stutter issues when using G-Sync. I could not really observe stutter issues and there are also many other users that do not really can observe this stutter problem.
  • (15.08.2019) Several people have reported that the monitor (as well as the Alienware AW3418DW) starts to flicker after several weeks when using 120Hz. On 100Hz it is "totally fine".


Panel Type IPS
Backlight EDGE LED / W-LED
Display size and format 34" Inch
Maximum Resolution 3440x1440 (UWQHD "Ultrawide Quad-HD")
Pixel density 109.68 (Pixel per inch)
Refresh rate 100Hz native (120Hz Overclock)
Native color depth 8-Bit (native) + FRC
sRGB Color Space Coverage / Volume Coverage: 98.3% / Volume: 108%
Response time (GtG) 4 ms
Brightness 300cd/m2
Integrated speakers Yes
Video inputs 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x DP 1.2
Audio 1x 3.5mm out
USB Hub Yes 4x USB 3.0 downstream
power consumption ~ 60 watt (class C)
Frame width Bottom (20mm) Top, left, and right ~11 mm in total
Warranty period 2 years
Ergonomics Tilt, Height, Swivel
Adaptive Sync G-Sync
G-Sync Range 30-120Hz
Contrast (Native) 1000:1 stated
Vesa Yes 100mm support
Curved Yes 1900R


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Contrast Overview

 Acer Predator X34P Contrast

Optimal OSD Settings (on this unit)

Acer X34P Best Settings

Test-Photos (16 Photos / Measurements)

  • (1) Response Time (UFO Test)
  • (2) Color Temperature Homogeneity (on its native white point)
  • (3) Warmer right panel side on the Acer X34P (Example photo)
  • (4) Measured white point (color temperature) on different presets
  • (5) Measured gamma on different presets
  • (6 & 7) Text Scrolling Text & Eiffel Tower Test (Color Temperature Artifacts, Ghosting and Overshoot Test)
  • (8) Chase Square Test (Smearing, Overshoot)
  • (9) Brightness Distribution
  • (10) Contrast Distribution
  • (11) Sharpness Test
  • (12) Overdrive Settings Comparison
  • (13) Frame Skipping
  • (14) Pixel Inversion Test
  • (15) Scanlines
  • (16) Retention issue on the UFO Test

Comparison Charts (Ultrawide Monitors)


Maximum Brightness

Maximum brightness in cd/m2
Asus Rog Swift PG348Q
HP Omen X35
Acer Predator X34P
Alienware AW3418DW


Maximum Contrast

Maximum contrast x:1
HP Omen X35
Asus Rog Swift PG348Q
Alienware AW3418DW
Acer Predator X34P


Black point on 120 cd/m2

Black point with optimal settings (120 cd/m2 , 6500K)
HP Omen X35
Asus Rog Swift PG348Q
Alienware AW3418DW
Acer Predator X34P


Brightness ULMB (Backlight Scanning)

ULMB not supported

Find your best gaming monitor (in progress)

Compare a monitor in a specific topic (Response Times, Black Uniformity, Homogeneity, Backlight-Bleed, Clouding, Brightness, Contrast, etc.) soon


Tips and Tricks for the Acer X34P


Use lamps in your room to increase the subjective black level and lower the perception of the IPS Glow. Even small desk-lamps can help.


Try to sit at a good viewing angle with good height + tilt adjustments and increase the distance to the panel in dark image content + dark environment, so that you also can avoid as many IPS glow as possible.


Do not sit too close to the monitor, this will increase the IPS Glow drastically.


Try to get used to a lower max. brightness. Many people are using their monitor in very extreme brightness settings. After you will get used to the lower brightness (around 1-2 days, depending on how long you sit at the gaming pc) you will have an overall better image quality and your eyes also will be thankful.


Known Issues on the Acer X34P (Variable/Lottery)

  • Scanlines on 100Hz and on 120Hz. On 100Hz they are less visible. Scanlines on 120Hz are even less visible than on the Asus PG348Q and the Acer X34A. (Can vary in each unit)
  • G-Sync Scanlines: When enabling G-Sync scanlines become even a bit more visible (and STILL LESS than on the Asus PG348Q or the Acer X34A). In addition, it can cause some dark moving scanlines. These are even less visible than the "usual" scanlines. (Can vary in each unit)
  • The right side of the panel can be warmer in the color temperature than the left side. (Can vary in each unit)
  • Some retention issues can occur (I could observe them only at the Ufo-Test from Blurbusters) (Can vary in each unit)
  • (03.04.2018) Still, many people have Scanline issues on the X34P and people on a German forum reported that Scanlines becomes worse over time. In addition, some people have reported that Scanlines started to occur after several weeks or months for the first time.


As same as the Dell Alienware AW3418DW, the Acer X34P is a fantastic gaming monitor. When deciding between one of the newer native 100Hz IPS panels and the older 60Hz (100Hz OC) IPS panels (Acer X34A & Asus PG348Q) there is no sense to buy the older monitor except you can get an older monitor for around 300$ less in price. Compared to my previews Alienware, the Acer X34P had some horizontal scanlines, unfortunately. But these are less visible than on the older models and they can, of course, vary in each individual unit. You also have fewer Glow issues which are a very nice advantage compared to the "older" 100Hz ultrawide panels.
So for now, these both monitors are the best ultrawide curved gaming monitors on the market combined with a high refresh rate panel. LG will also soon release its 120Hz IPS ultrawide monitor with NANO IPS (Quantum Dots). But for now, we do not know if we will get improvements without any new disadvantages. For now, we just can hope that the Quantum Dot panel will not cause panel coating and viewing angle issues. Moreover I really hope that LG will implement a good sRGB mode as well, where we still will be able to change brightness and color temperature settings, otherwise you "only" can use quantum dots within the LG, no matter if you prefer the more intense "neon" colors or not. 
Acer X34P backside structure brushed aluminum
The Acers surface comes in a brushed aluminium look on its back which is made out of plastic.
The Acers biggest problem for me is the homogeneity issue, which means that the right panel side is warmer compared to the left. This is very well visible in uniform brighter image content, for example, when browsing the web. When watching movies or playing games, however, this is not really an issue and nearly invisible. Retention issues during the ufo-test appear on the Acer X34P as same as on the Alienware AW3418DW, but I think that this isnt a big deal since I could observe this "issue" on normal usage, even if I left the monitor on for 4 hours with a static image(!). In the Alienware Review and its "Update" section, I have added all information regarding retention issues, so that several users have reported me that their unit does not suffer from retention issues when running the ufo-test.
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And as already mentioned in the beginning, there is no "perfect" gaming monitor on the market and monitors currently are still (far) beyond the image quality of higher end TVs like my Sony XE9305 for example (not only because of dimming zones but also the distance to the TV or rather the display/panel is a very important aspect to consider). I am just showing you all pros & cons I found in the Acer X34P and in the end, you have to decide if you can deal with its disadvantages (: Compared to the Alienware I would prefer the Alienware a tiny bit because of:
  • A better overall build quality
  • Thinner bezels
  • Cheaper (at least in Germany - 100€)
  • Less (no) scanline issues
  • Fewer homogeneity issues and less IPS Glow (But THIS CAN VARY and I also read that users had more issues on the Alienware so that this simply is a lottery)
  • The Acer X34P otherwise offers an 8-Bit + FRC panel so that color banding is probably a little bit less visible on the Acer X34P. But since I did not had both units here at the same time, it is really hard to tell a difference.
As soon as I will have new updates I will update this review of course in the "Updates" and "Known issues on the Acer X34P" section. What if you can get the Acer for the same price or even cheaper than the Alienware? You easily can go with the Acer, differences are not really huge. If you prefer the Acers design or you simply want to save some money (depending on how much both cost in your region). So would I recommend the Acer Predator X34P? Yes.



Pro & Contra



- Currently (with the Alienware AW3418DW) the best ultrawide gaming monitor (panel)
- Compared to the Alienware it has an 8 Bit + FRC panel whereas the Alienware does not have FRC integrated
- 34" with a 1900R curve for an immersive gaming experience
- G-Sync with a very nice range of 30-120Hz
- Very good image quality out of the box
- Very low input lag
- Black equalizer for fps games
- Useful gamma settings within the OSD
- 6 Axis control integrated into the OSD
- Very good integrated speakers, at least for a monitor (They will not replace a good 2.0 system)



- Acer Predators "Ambient Lighting" (RGBs)
- A bit darker top near the bezels inhomogeneity (not visible in games)
- Homogeneity issues on several units
Some units suffer from a cooler color temperature on the left and a warmer color temperature on the right side as same as my unit. On my tested unit it is pretty good visible - In games and movies, it is mostly NOT visible.
- A tiny bit too much sharpness settings which cant be changed within the OSD
- You need a fairly deep desk so that you still have enough space on your desk and not sitting too close to the panel to avoid IPS glow
- Halfe matte panel coating (a bit less matte compared to the Asus PG348Q or the Acer X34A)



- Retention issues(!)
Update: They can vary in each individual unit so that you should check your unit for retention issues when you got your Alienware
- Unfortunately: ULMB still is not integrated
- A clearly warmer right panel side in color temperature
This (the amount) can vary within each unit
- Scanline "issues"
In my opinion, it is not a BIG deal since they are barely visible

IPS typical:
- Still, the IPS glow, especially on the left (but much less compared to older 100Hz IPS Ultrawide panels)

Check Price for the Acer Predator X34P


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1    Wintry    Wednesday, 04 Jul 2018 - 6:05 pm
Hi there,

Do you have more information or user's feedback on the warmer right side issue ?
I am looking for a working (graphics) and playing monitor, but this issue is a MAJOR downer...

If it's still there, I will look for the older models like Predator X34A or ROG swift PG348Q.

Answer from Lim's Cave - July 14, 2018 10:17 am

Yes: It is simply a total lottery. No matter if you are buying the Acer or the Alienware. So it is still there. The X34A / PG348Q have both MUCH more IPS glow. Not just a bit, the difference is really huge. My Alienware had only a very small amount of a warmer right panel side (it was pretty much not visible) while others have a better Acer X34P unit. If you can RMA, you maybe should give it a try

2    IVP    July 8, 2018 11:45 pm
I'm in the market for a curved 34", and I'm torn between the X34P and AW3418DW. I do motion graphic design so the X34P apparently having 10-bit (8-bit + FRC) has the edge.

Now to my question, in reviews and forums I have seen people criticizing the X34P because they have haven't been able to enable '10-bit' in Windows 10. When you reviewed the monitor, did you enable and test the 10-bit functionality extensively?
Answer from Lim's Cave - July 14, 2018 10:12 am

Hey mate,


I also heard about this issue, that many people cannot set 10-Bit, it is just curious why.  When I finished the review, I had just stated 8-Bit (without FRC) and I added the +FRC on the page after I read that the Acer supports FRC. I was pretty sure that the Acer has the same color depth as the Alienware so I just messed up with testing 8 Bits + FRC. But tbh, I do not really see a huge difference while playing at 8 Bit or 8 Bit + FRC while I also read from some other people that there is a massive difference (and here I doubt that they have tested both...)

3    Wilson    August 21, 2018 11:21 am
Thanks for the great review. I have made the jump on this model instead of the Alienware due to the significant savings while using the same panel.

Love the unit as my first ultrawide and the screen space is a great experience to me. There's no dead pixel or bright pixel but unfortunately I have the same issue as yours which is noticeable Warmer Right screen compare to the right. What's more funny is that the Warmer color on the right screen actually looks OK/Normal if you look at it from a straight line - not viewing from Center (sitting position). Hence, I'm not sure screen is brighter or viewing angle make a play here due to its Curve as my previous Dell U2713HM does not have such state.

Due to this, I just configure the RGB/Gamma/Contrast that is whatever available on the net and adjust from there to my acceptable level. It's not so worse now than on stock settings. The built in Audio surprisingly sound not bad at all which is totally out of my expectation.

The only thing i need to do next is to get a monitor arms. The stands of this monitor looks sexy but it takes almost half of my table away which is too near to my face, around 60cm i think.
Answer from Lim's Cave - August 29, 2018 2:37 pm

Yes, the viewing angle will have a direct impact on the color temperature. Build in Audio on the Acer is much better than Average in monitors, that is true.


The warmer panel side (right or left - lottery) is mostly "only" visible while browsing. So the most people will get used to (: But there are also a lot of people which simply cannot stand this "issue". So always the personal tolerance level 

4    Matt    August 9, 2019 8:31 am
Hey Lim! Love your monitor reviews!!
I've been looking at upgrading my monitor for the past few years but hesitate due to quality control issues and panel lottery on some of these high end models. I'm currently using a Samsung S27A950 - 27" TN 1080p 120Hz - which has been an awesome monitor for years but I would really like something with a higher resolution (1080p over 27" is not great :P). I play a bit of everything, mainly FPS and RPGs. PC specs are 4970K@4.5Ghz with an Asus STRIX 1080Ti.

I'm tempted to try an Ultrawide for the first time, but not sure if I'll like the 21:9 ratio or if I'll find it too wide - a lot of people seem to love them though and they do look nice in stores. So I've been looking at the Acer X34P vs Alienware AW3418DW. I'm from Australia and the Alienware is around $600 more -(~AU$1600 - Aus Dell site when on sale) than the Acer(AU$999-$1050). If the Alienware is the better monitor I could wait for a good sale. I'm guessing you'd recommend Acer z34p based on price, but Dell has 3 year warranty and possibly better returns if I had issues. Also, the LG 34GK950F isn't available here in Aus. Are there any better 34" Ultrawides coming out soon? I understand that overclocking to 120Hz isn't guaranteed on these panels as I might get flicker later on (which is a shame as according to TFTCentral the response times were a lot better when above 100Hz) So I'm not sure if I want to drop down to 100Hz from my current 120Hz (probably not too noticeable compared to 120Hz though?). The other option is to go with a normal widescreen like the Acer XB271HU. What would you recommend?
Thanks! And sorry for the long read :P
5    Matt    August 12, 2019 3:55 pm
Also, with the Alienware AW3418DW - is the gamma (which can vary from unit to unit I believe) and lack of gamma control an issue, as it can be way too high? Would I be better off purchasing the Acer x34p because of this?

Interestingly when researching this, I found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/ultrawidemasterrace/comments/ai3x9o/psa_to_all_aw3418dw_owners_gamma_can_be_adjusted/

Read the extra comments by NCX in the link at the bottom in the OP. :)
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12    ???? ??????? ???,?a ?a?? ?a???e     September 21, 2022 7:44 am
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